Data Center

World Class Data Center

l ISO/IEC 20000, ISO/IEC 27001 & ISO 14001 International Standards

l TIA-942 Tier III International Standard

l N+1 Uninterruptible Power Supply System

l 7 x 24 Security Monitor and Management

l High-speed and Top-quality Internet Services


CTM, the leading telecommunication service provider in Macao, owns the world class Data Center located at the CTM Telecentro covering an area of 1,150 square meters and a floor height of 4.6 meters high. Designed and built according to the International Standards below:

ü TIA-942 Tier III International Standard

ü The latest cold aisle containment technology

ü The environmental-friendly Novec 1230 Fire Suppression System

ü The Most Secure Environment of the Network Operator Level


In terms of operation management, the Data Center meets all the international standards of ISO / IEC 20000 (IT Service Management), ISO / IEC 27001 (Information Security Management) and ISO 14001 (Environment Management). Not only does it satisfy the strict demands of clients from across all industries, but the Data Center also supports the unique needs of local and multinational organizations, including governmental departments, gaming sectors, banking and financial institutions and other large-scale enterprises.


The CTM Data Center provides a wide range of high-quality services, from server colocation services to wide-ranging technical management and customer care support. The full redundancy configurations ensure the uninterrupted operation 24 hours a day, storing critical Internet and telecommunication devices for the clients, greatly reducing both their investments in facility and network management as well as enhancing their overall cost efficiency.



Around-the-clock Monitoring and Safe & Stable Designs

The CTM Data Center is supported by a dedicated 7 x 24 security team working around-the-clock, together with limited access control of the lift, to ensure only authorized individuals can enter the Data Center. Dedicated personnel are in charge of the CCTV monitoring 24 hours a day, a strict access control management system is implemented and the Building Management System (BMS) monitoring system is provided to inspect and check all equipment within the Data Center. Each individual rack is equipped with a smart card security system to safeguard the security of data and equipment in the most secure and thorough manner.


The main power supply system of CTM Data Center is provided by two 1600KVA transformers of CEM, which ensure the stable redundant power supply through the N+1 Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system; in addition, UPS power supply systems are also provided for the 30 minutes backup power supply. Each UPS system encompasses an independent monitoring system, which maintains the power supply system in its optimal state and ensures the safe and stable operation of the Data Center.


CTM Data Center provides comprehensive water leakage protection system, includes high and low level water leakage detection sensors, to avoid any conditions that might affect the system beforehand, and ensure the users’ equipment in the Data Center are in good condition.



High-speed, Advanced and Top-quality Services

CTM Data Center provides top-quality services to its clients, including colocation service, business Internet connectivity, hardware rental and more.  It also provides customized and comprehensive management services (i.e. remote support, monitoring and patrol inspection) and value-added services (i.e. dedicated VIP cages for equipment rack and DDOS protection).


The Data Center is directly connected to the full redundancy core network of CTM with the UTP port and fiber port speed of up to 1 GB, and the high-speed advanced network services is able to meet all types of demands from the clients. CTM Data Center connects to various cities, with multiple diversity paths connection via mainland China, Hong Kong and international cities. To provide the most efficient, high-speed international connectivity, stability and quality services to customers.


Specifications of CTM Data Center

Data Center Area:

1,150 m2 (12,400 ft2)

Tier-942 Standard

Level 3 Standard

Power Infrastructure

Power Source

Dual Sources City Power Supply, Both are backup by Generator


2 x 1600KVA Transformers


2 x 1600KVA Generators

UPS System

4 x 400KVA UPS System


Not less than 30 minutes battery backup

Air-conditioning System

Chill water

2 Riser with ring circuit

CRAC System

N+1 CRAC Machine Redundancy

Air Flow

Down Flow Cooling, with Cold Aisle Containment

Temperature and humidity

Cold Aisle: 20- 25, 40% - 55%

Fire Detection/Suppression

Equipment and specifications

Equipment and specifications

VESDA Detection System

Thermometer/Hygrometer & Smoke Detectors

2 Hours Fire Rated Doors & Wall


Equipment and specifications

7 x 24 CCTV Monitor

7 x 24 Security /Access Control Management

Cabinet Level Smart Card Access



Full 10Gbps Speed with Full Redundancy


Connection to Macau CTM Core Network Directly


100Mbps Macau Local Connectivity

IP address

ipv4 / ipv6 Dual Stack Support

Basic Specification

Rack Size

600mm (W) x 1,200mm (D) x 45U (H)

Raise Floor Height




Rack Space, Power, Cooling, and Physical Security

Dedicated VIP Cages for Equipment Rack

Network Connectivity

Business Internet Connectivity

ADSL / Lease Line / IPLC etc.

Domain Name Service

Hardware Rental

Server / Firewall / Switches etc.

Managed Services

Remote Hand Support

System / Network Monitoring

Back-up Service

Tape Management


IT System Design / Building and Maintenance Integration

Value-added Service

DDOS Protection



Data Center Service Charge

Service Description

Installation Charge


Monthly Charge



Data Center 1/2 Rack Co-location Rental Service



1/2 (20U) rack space rental in Data Center

1 KVA UPS power

Note: The standard of building up the Data Center is based on Tier 2: redundant site infrastructure capacity components. The minimum subscription period is one year.

Data Center 1 Full Rack Co-location Rental Service



1 Full (42U) rack space rental in Data Center

2 KVA UPS power

Note: The standard of building up the Data Center is based on Tier 3: concurrently maintainable site infrastructure. The minimum subscription period is one year.
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