Smart Home System

Smart Home System builds automation for the home, using advanced technologies of computer, network communication and structural cabling to combine different devices related in daily life. It achieves “people-oriented” new home life experience, optimizes lifestyle, protects the environment and saves energy.

During the hot summer months, there is nothing more enjoyable than entering into a cool indoor environment. When no one is home, you can conveniently use your smartphone as a remote control by turning on the air-conditioner and controlling the temperature of each room with personalized setting modes.

Also, via the smartphone app, you can turn on/off the lights, adjust colours and brightness, and even make them flash to the beat of the music. The Smart Socket is literally the basic interface for all home appliances to obtain electricity. If it has the ability to connect to the Internet, the home appliances can be controlled remotely by smartphone such as turn on/off of lights, fans and air-conditioners. It can also help monitor the electric consumption to save you energy and expenses.

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