Access Control and Time & Attendance System
The Access Control and Time & Attendance System combine the functions of point of entry control and staff attendance which can be used concurrently.

Access Control (AC): by using smart cards which is more convenient, to replace traditional password lock, companies do not have to worry about any password leak, or change the password due to any staff leaving, causing inconvenience to other employees. Every access is accurately recorded by date, time, smart card number, location, door open situation, etc. Users can always check records, print reports and export data to EXCEL for other purposes.

Time & Attendance (TNA): Companies also use the same smart card to replace traditional punch clock. It is more accurate and convenient. Employees do not have to punch a clock after entering the office. The system will automatically record the time and attendance via the access record, that is, the first access time being the time to work, the last access time being the time off work.

Both the Access Control and Time & Attendance System help companies to save costs as it is more convenient for employees and human resources. It can also prevent outsiders from gaining unauthorized access onto company property which also vastly improves the overall security for businesses.
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