Fiber 360°

CTM launched a New Residential Internet Fiber Solution – Fiber 360° 

Fiber 360° is CTM's latest home broadband solution adopting FTTR (Fiber to the Room) technology and using Wi-Fi 6 network to extend more than 1Gbps Wi-Fi coverage to every corner of the home, meeting network requirements of low latency, multi-connection, and seamless roaming.


Full home coverage fulfilling the different interests of all family members with entertainment; home-office; e-learning; smart home applications, and more using high-quality internet connection.


Fiber 360° makes life more wonderful:

1. Enrich your life in creating your perfect smart home

2. Stable online business meetings

3. Immerse yourself with E-learning

4. Enjoy more gaming excitement and 8K/VR entertainment with low-latency experience



Fiber 360° Features:

-Professional Service Installation ArrangementCustomization according to residential apartment type and usage behavior. Express service installation arrangement.  7 x 24 professional customer service support

Wi-Fi 6 Full House CoverageFull coverage with no blind spots.  Imperceptible handover and seamless roaming at any time without disconnection.

Multiple devices connection:   Supports access of a maximum 256 smart devices.  Fulfills different scenarios of smart home applications with Wi-Fi 6 connectivity

-No Impact to Home Decor: Transparent optical cable are used to ensure efficient and convenient cabling, which does not affect interior decor and wall appearance. Moisture-proof optical fiber durable for up to 30 years. No limit on transmission speed


EntitlementResidential Broadband Customers


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Internet Speed Plan :

Home Internet Service Plans

Monthly Charge


Free Usage Per Month

Download / Upload Speed




2 Gbps / 1 Gbps*




1 Gbps / 1 Gbps




600 Mbps / 600 Mbps

*(The highest download speed and upload speed under this solution are 2Gpbs and 1Gpbs respectively. The maximum speed of each network port is 1Gbps)


 Fiber 360° solution Offer:

Internet solution


Contract period

Fiber 360°

Original price $7,000

24 Months


Fiber 360° incluions:

It is a one-stop-shop Fiber Solution, it contains:

-   Personalization: Advising professional network design according to your residential apartment type and usage behavior, without impact to your indoor home décor and personal style

-  Dedicated equipment:  Include 2 x Slave Router and other necessary accessories

-   Wi-Fi Bulter app:  Assists in managing home network status

-   Express Service Installation Arrangement:  Professional on-site service installation arrangement in 2 working days*

-   Equipment warranty:  Includes 2-year warranty for Slave Routers

-   7 x 24 Customer Service Support:  Remotely handle network issues or schedule on-site maintenance


Other Charges



360° Plus

(Including 1x Huawei OptiXstar K662d, personalized customization and installation)

Original price$2,600

Optical Splitter


Optical Sockets


Fiber material





1.          Customers are required to sign a mobile service contract within a 24-month.

2.          If the customer terminates Internet service or downgrades from the existing service plan within the contract period, the related deposit will be charged automatically to customer's Internet account, in addition, the related offer will be terminated immediately.

3.          This offer price is subject to change without prior notice. All prices are in MOP.

4.          The offer is bound by the related terms and conditions. The service is based on CTM Acceptable Use Policy "AUP".

5.          The Fiber 360° solution includes:

1) Upgrade the modem to a primary optical network terminal (ONT) (with Wi-Fi 6 function) including optical fiber

2) Two Edge ONT (with Wi-Fi 6 function) including optical fiber

3) An optical splitter

4) Two optical sockets

5) Installation service

6.          Customer is entitled to a 7-day warranty period for the Fiber 360° Solution from the next day after the completion of the on-site installation. During the warranty period, CTM will provide free on-site debugging of equipment services and optical fibers.

7.          Since the Fiber 360° equipment has both the functions of a modem and a Wi-Fi 6 router, the installation and maintenance service will be implemented with reference to the service standards for a modem equipment.

8.          Removal:

a) If Customer requires to remove the Fiber 360° Solution and install it to another address, the removal and installation fee and other fees (including but not limited to material fee and service fee) will be charged. CTM will not be responsible for dismantling the equipment and optical fibers at the original address. Customer shall dismantle the optical fibers and equipment at the original address at his/her own cost.

b) For relocation within the same residential unit, a relocation fee and other fees (including but not limited to material fee and service fee) will be charged.

When providing the removal service, CTM will not be responsible for the loss or damage of the FTTR equipment.

9.      Maintenance handling:

a)      If it is judged as damaged by human, the customer shall bear the related costs for the extended fiber material, equipment, on-site support services and related expenses.

b)      If it is judged as naturally damaged, within the 24 months from installation, CTM will be responsible for the related fiber optic material fees, equipment fees and on-site support service fees arisen due to it. After 24 months, the customer shall bear the related costs for the extended fiber material, equipment, on-site support services and related expenses.

10.      When providing the installation, maintenance and removal service, CTM will not be liable for the loss or damage of the home renovation.

11.      The actual available bandwidth will be influenced by various factors, including but not limited to the customer's software and hardware, router specifications, website load, connection content and other environmental factors. In addition to the above factors, the bandwidth of connecting to overseas websites will be affected by the local network and therefore will be lower than the bandwidth available locally. In this regard, customer shall ensure his/her personal router, cable and devices (including but not limited to computers and smartphones) support the transmission speed under this solution, or may purchase from CTM the equipment supporting to this solution (the “Fiber 360 Equipment” and supported Wi-Fi 6’s devices ).

12.      The speed measurement for the Fiber 360° Service is the theoretical value based on the ideal conditional. In the actual environment, the Fiber 360° Service has protection mechanisms to ensure high accuracy of data high-speed transmission, and general speed test simulators such as do not include the consumption of the related protection mechanisms.

13.    The express installation date depends on whether the customer's installation building meets the express installation requirements. If the express installation cannot be performed, customer will be contacted individually to arrange the earliest installation date. 

14.      Customer has read and agreed to be bound by CTM's 'Acceptance Use Policy ( AUP )' and 'General Terms & Conditions of Internet Services', which are also accessible online ( ) or at any of CTM Shops upon request.