The New "Redemptions"







# This offer is a SIM only offer for subscribing 3 Destinations Monthly Plan.

^ Only for users who subscribe "321" Monthly Plan and China Mobile No. service at the same time. After the first 12 months offer period, the respective monthly rental ($28 / month) will be applied if the customer agrees to continue to use the service.

Customers being CTM Buddy before 31 / 12 / 2019 are entitled to join this offer.

@ If customer used the total local data usage exceeds more than 40GB (Unlimited Plan) / 80GB (Grand Unlimited Plan) during the month, the plan will be changed to unlimited volume but limited speed. The upload and download data transmission speed will automatically be seted up to not less than 256kbps until next cycle. The "4G+ 24 Hours Speed Reset Service" will be accumulated into 40GB / 80GB total local data usage, and the among of data usage will not be in limited speed, the remaining usage will be terminated when the service is ended.

## This offer is only applicable to customers who apply selected monthly plan.

** Limited quantity and offers listed above are subject to respective terms and conditions, for details, please visit clicking [In Macau] icon.

^^ There is a minimum amount for each installment transaction, please ask our shop staff for details.


Mobile Offer

The offer is only applicable to customers applying for a new mobile connection or those who are not currently bounded by other mobile service contracts. Customers are required to sign a mobile service contract with a 24-month. If customer suspends / terminates service, changes name or downgrades from the existing service plan within the contract period, the related deposit or waived amount will be charged automatically by proportion to customer's mobile account, in addition, the related offer will be terminated immediately. After the promotion period, the respective original mobile service monthly rental / value added service will be charged automatically to the customer' s mobile account. The activation time of "321 Plan" is after 8pm the following day. Customers are required to select CSL or China Mobile HK as mobile service operator when they are traveling in Hong Kong, as well as select China Mobile or China Unicom in Mainland China. In addition, this service cannot be used in conjunction with "Auto Daily Charge Roaming Data Package" service. The related data usage will be counted as local data and will not be included in "Auto Daily Charge Roaming Data Package" service. Customers will receive mobile SMS alert when it reaches 1GB, 500MB and 50MB of remaining "Free local data usage" level. Local / roaming data usage will be blocked temporarily when local data usage is used up. Customer can dial #321# on the mobile phone to apply for purchase of additional mobile data usage via the CTM Services Application Menu. In order to safeguard customers, when the customer unbar and pay for additional data per KB, the maximum charge for additional data is capped at $500 over and above customer's monthly plan charges, (Data Usage Value-added Service, Mobile Data Monthly & CTM Wi-Fi Usage). When this charge ceiling is reached, the data access speed will automatically be adjusted to not less than 256kbps. While roaming, the customer is required to pay for all related data service roaming charges based on the individual charges of the roaming network operators. When customers use the devices to using the mobile data services which is equivalent to the free data usage or residual balance are being consumed. Therefore, when querying the remaining data usage or balance, the displayed information will be different from the actual, and the data usage or balance in use are not included in the current query information.


Fiber Broadband Residential Offer

The offer is only applicable to customers of no product contract bound who apply / upgrade to specified Fiber Broadband Plan. Customers who apply for 350Mbps or above can enjoy 24 months of Wi-Fi Butler Professional Router Service, or enjoy special price to upgrade to Elite Router Service ( $30 / Month ) / Elite+ Package Service ( $60 / Month ). After 24 months promotion period, the respective original monthly rental will be applied automatically. The 350Mbps refer to the upgraded speed of Fiber Broadband Plan. After 24-month contract expired, the speed will be automatically resumed back to 300Mbps.  New subscription to Fiber Broadband Plan ( need to apply autopay at the same time ) enjoy a special offer on installation fee ( $540 ). Should customers cease or downgrade the Internet service account within the last two ( 2 ) months from the date of this offer application, will not be considered as new subscribers and thus, will not be eligible to enjoy any of the benefits on this offer. Customer who applies the above offer and terminates the CTM Internet Service with the same installation address is not entitled to enjoy the offer. Customers must apply the following offer within one month after fiber broadband installation succeeded. Customers are required to sign a 24-month contract. If customer terminates Internet service or downgrades from the existing service plan within contract period, the related deposit will be charged automatically to customer's Internet account, in addition, the related offer will be terminated immediately.


STARtainment Offer

Service Customers / New Customers who subscribe to the CTM “hmvod Movie Premium Package” during the offer period can receive an extra 18 hmvod Movie Vouchers. New subscribers of CTM x JOOX Music service during the offer period can enjoy the first month for only $1. After the one month promotion period, customers who agree to continue the service subscription, the respective service charge will automatically apply.


Prepaid Card Offer

The redemption card is $100 Prepaid Card. Customer needs to use Bonus Points and offer price to receive the extraction code at CTM Buddy. And customer is required to pick up the Prepaid Card in the CTM shop with the redemption code. Customer can only redeem each offer once during the promotion period. The offer cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.


Alipay Offer

Alipay (Macau) offers start from 1 / 2 / 2021. Shop at any CTM shop and pay via Alipay (Macau), reload Prepaid Card or purchase Bonus Points with value of $238 or above, settle bill payments via CTM buddy App and pay with Alipay (Macau), customer can enjoy instant discount of $10 - $238. Shop at any CTM shop to earn a stamp. Customer can redeem a $5 red pocket with 3 stamps. Refer to the Alipay (Macau) terms and conditions for the related Alipay (Macau) offer details.


Notes : This offer is valid until 28 / 2 / 2021. The offer and latest price are subject to change without prior notice. Products and gifts are available while stock lasts. The service is based on CTM Acceptable Use Policy "AUP". The offer is bound by the related terms and conditions. CTM reserves the right to make the final decision.