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* Customers who join the CTM 5G Bundle Plan with the membership tenure of 10 years or above can enjoy 2 FREE TurboJET Jetfoil tickets. A membership tenure of under 10 years can enable  customers to enjoy 1 Free ticket of TurboJET Jetfoil tickets. The e-coupon will be distributed to related Bonus Points Account within 2 workings days after the monthly plan has been successfully applied and activated. The TurboJET Jetfoil tickets are only applicable to designated date and routes, and bound by the respective Merchants service agreement. Each qualified customer can only enjoy the offer ONCE, and tickets are available while stock lasts.

◆ This offer is a monthly rental after rebate, the original monthly rental plan is $468 / Unlimited Data Usage. Monthly Rental after Rebate = Original Monthly Rental – (Handset Deposit / 24-month contract period).

@ This package offer is only applicable to new subscribers applying for both the Mainland China No. & Hong Kong Mobile No. together at the same time. Customers are required to pay for a special monthly charge of $28 for 12 months. After 12 months offer period, the respective value-added service monthly offer rental ($28) will be applied to each of the Mainland China Mobile No. & Hong Kong Mobile No. individually if customers agree to continue to use the service.

▪ This offer is only applicable to Mobile Plan Customers who subscribe 5G Monthly Plan and Home Media Entertainment Service at the same time. Customer can enjoy FREE 6-months of TVB Anywhere Grand Combo Service (Offer Price : $38), and choose one service from Blacknut Cloud Game (Offer Price : $60), hmvod Movie Premium Package Service (Offer Price : $38), Mango TV Deluxe Pack Service (Offer Price : $38) or JOOX Music Service (Offer Price : $38). The offer is valid for 6 months, offer price will be charged if customers continue to use this service.

# Customer who subscribes $250 or above Mobile Monthly Plan and registers under individual name will be entitled to join the “ no.1 Club ” automatically.


This Offer is only applicable to Fiber 360° Customers who are newly subscribe to Home Media Service, each account can only enjoy the offer once.

★★ The offer is valid for 24 months, offer price will be charged if customers continue to use this service.

★★★ The offer is valid for the first 2 months, offer price in $48 will be charged if customers continue to use this service.





iPad Pro 11 inch Wi-Fi 128GB (4th Generation)


Member Price:$6,300

Original Price:$6,710




Redeem Booster Microbot Massage Gun(Original Price:$830)


Samsung Galaxy Book3 Pro 360 5G


Member Price:$17,000

Original Price:$19,270


Galaxy Buds2 + Microsoft 365 + ITFIT 8" WIFI DIGITAL PHOTO FRAME(Total Value:$2,820)












Studio City Water Park Ticket (Adult) - Indoor & Outdoor Area

Horwin EK3 E-bike

DJI Mini 3 Pro ( DJI RC ) ( GL ) 

Bonus Points: $499 + 350 Points

Original Price:$580

Member Price:$31,500

Original Price:$34,560

Member Price:$6,999

Original Price:$7,530










Marshall STANMORE II Speaker

Marshall STANMORE III Speaker

Marshall Emberton Portable Speaker (Black)


Member Price:$1,999

Original Price:$3,610

Member Price:$3,249

Original Price:$3,610

Member Price:$888

Original Price:$1,550











Nothing ear (2) 

PICO 4 VR Headset


Samsung Galaxy TAB S8 Ultra Wi-Fi

( 16 + 512GB )

Member Price:$1,120

Original Price:$1,240

Member Price:$3,399

Original Price:$4,020

Member Price:$8,600

Original Price:$11,540




Apple Watch S8 45mm (GPS) Apple Watch S8 45mm (GPS + CELLULAR) Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro (LTE)

Member Price:$3,450

Original Price:$3,510

Member Price:$3,950

Original Price:$4,330

Member Price:$2,999

Original Price:$4,130

Redeem Pride Edition / Pride Edition Nike Sport Loop(Original Price:$390)

 FREE Samsung 15W Wireless Charger Duo Pad with TA(Value:$720)









OTO CYBER-Sense massage chair ( CS - 01 )

Booster Microbot Massage Gun

Sinomax back pad

Bonus Points Price: $11,980 + 350 Points

Original Price:$49,888

Member Price:$369

Original Price:$830

Bonus Points Price:$368 + 350 Points

Original Price:$439





Top one performance 10 Group Classes TOP LIFE LIVER GUARD

Bonus Points Price:$748 + 350 Points

Original Price:$1,000

Bonus Points Price:$508 + 350 Points

Original Price:$598








illy Y3.3 Iperespresso Capsule Machine

illy - Iperespresso Capsules Classico ( 21 Capsules / Can )

BLOOOM $50 Coffee drinks voucher

Bonus Points Price:$880 + 500 Points

Original Price:$1,499

Bonus Points Price:$128 + 0 Points

Original Price:$149

Bonus Points Price:$35 + 100 Points

Original Price:$50








New Coffee Ethiopia Star Sidamo GUJI G-1 Natural Hand Drip Coffee

Moriyama Coffee Brewers Espresso Fizzz

Moss Drip Coffee Bags Set ( 12 pcs )

Bonus Points Price:$43 + 100 Points

Original Price:$50

Bonus Points Price:$38 + 100 Points

Original Price:$48

Bonus Points Price:$105 + 100 Points

Original Price:$140




Notes: This offer is valid until 30 / 6 / 2023. Customers are bound by the respective service agreement. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers. This offer price is subject to change without prior notice. All products and gifts are available while stock lasts. All prices are in MOP.