Voice Mail


The 24-hour "Voice Mail"  enables you can be sure that you will never miss an important call in anywhere. Our Voice Mail will automatically pick up all your calls if your mobile phone is switched off, unreachable, has no reply or busy.

Whenever there is message deposited in their mailbox, our system will automatically notify you either by "Voice Mail Express" or "Voice Mail Alert" at your choice. And they can immediately listen to your messages to ensure you will never miss any important calls.

You can choose either one of the below services:


"Voice Mail Express" 


The service will call you directly with the message played instantly when you are in Macau.



"Voice Mail Alert"


The service will alert you  by Short Messaging Service (SMS) when you are in Macau or roaming in other countries which support short messaging service. It will inform you that you have received new voice messages on you handset display. 



"Listen Channel"


Channel Procedure

On your Mobile Phone Dial 6000  PIN *

On other Mobile Phone Dial 66001234  Your Mobile Phone No.   PIN 

Your Mobile Phone Calling from Overseas Dial +85366001234  Your Mobile Phone No.   PIN 





Value Added Service

Monthly Charge (MOP)

Voice Mail





-  The default PIN is 1111 and you are recommended to change the password immediately. The PIN for accessing the Voice Mail is up to 6 digits.