10Gbps Residential Plan

10Gbps Home Internet Servicesintroduction:

The first F5G plan in Macau, to provide customers with internet 10Gbps fiber broadband services. Also to provide customers with support high-speed online connections for multiple devices simultaneously can enjoy the internet service and express maintenance services.


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10Gbps / 2.5Gbps



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1. 10Gbps Fiber Plan is only for personal or family use, without written consent of CTM, it cannot be used for profit or to provide to third parties. The Internet Terms & Conditions shall prevail.

2. The highest download speed & upload speed of CTM 10Gbps Fiber Plan is 10Gpbs & 2.5Gpbs respectively.

3. The 10Gbps Fiber Plan speed’s measurement is the theoretical value based on the ideal conditional. In the actual environment, the service has protection mechanism to ensure high accuracy of data high-speed transmission, and the general speed test simulators such as speedtest.net does not include the consumption of the related protection mechanisms. Moreover, the speed is also affected by different factors, including: installation environment, computer hardware, software and cables etc. The standard is as same as the supplier that provide the same services in other regions, thus the standard of actual speed is about 8Gpbs.

4. Customers need to notice whether the personal router, cable and online devices (such as computers, smartphones etc) are support 10Gbps speed.

5. Customers are still bound by the CTM Internet Terms & Conditions.

6.All prices are in MOP.