IDD Friends & Family Plan


As long as you are a fixed-line residential customer, you are entitled to join this calling plan by nominating 3 frequently called overseas numbers.  For registration, please fill in the application form and return to CTM shops.





- Immediate savings on over 200 popular destinations.

- 10% discount when calling to the 3 pre-registered IDD numbers.

- Rates are applicable 24-hour a day.

- No registration fee or service charge is required.


- This plan is available for fixed network residential customers and discount is based on telephone line.

- Each telephone can register 3 frequently called IDD numbers and discount only applies to these 3 pre-registered numbers listed above.

- This plan only applies to IDD calls starting with prefixes "00" or "01" and are made during standard, reduced & super economy time period only.

- For calls made to Hong Kong, discount only applies to those calls dialed with the prefix "01" as the access code.

- This plan will be effective 3 working days* after CTM receives the application form.

- Ensure that the Frequently Called IDD numbers are correctly filled in and eligible, CTM is not responsible for any mistakes made due to incorrect or unclear entry made by the customers.

- Maximum discount entitled for each pre-registered IDD call numbers is$100.

- Pre-registered numbers can be changed only by application form.  The discount for the new pre-registered IDD number will be effective within 3 working days* after CTM receives the request.

- This plan is not applicable for IDD calls made from IDD050, International Freecall, OPAX, ISDN, Inmarsat and CTM Calling Card.

- Any IDD calls to Pakistan, Cambodia, Russia, Niue Island, Mexico, Myanmar, Nepal and Vietnam are excluded.

* Working day means Monday - Friday