Roaming Offer
 CTM's Automatic International Roaming Service covers over 257 countries/cities with a wide choice of 245 network operators. With just the same Macau Mobile Phone Number, you can enjoy your currently subscribed Value Added Services such as Caller's Line Identification, Call Forwarding, Short Messaging Service and Voice Mail which ensure you can enjoy the best quality mobile service while roaming so that you can always be in contact with your friends and business partners even while away from Macau.
15 Days Data Roaming

Apply for “15 Days Data Roaming” service, and enjoy roaming data services anytime, anywhere in the countries listed below.

Auto Daily Charge Roaming Data Package

Activate the “Auto Daily Charge Roaming Data Package” at offer price $48/24hours to enjoy unlimited roaming data usage when roaming in selected 32 countries/destinations!

4G+ Share data usage in Greater China Service Plan

Share data & Wi-Fi between China, Macau, HK & China, Share VoiceSMS between Macau & HK

Wi-Fi Roaming Services
CTM provides Wi-Fi Roaming Service for frequent leisure travelers. Now you can stay connected at over 100,000 hotspots with your Internet account in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. You can also browse websites and receive emails anytime and anywhere. Keep connected with your friends from all over the world in an easy and convenient way.

Wi-Fi Roaming Partners:




User Guide

Hong Kong


Updated Hotspots

How to use

Application Method:
-       If you are a CTM Residential Broadband Plan customer, you can apply for the Wi-Fi Roaming Service through: "CTM eService"  (Step: login “CTM eService” > Click “Manage My Services” > Select Service no. where broadband service located > Click “Current Subscription” > Select “Wi-Fi Roaming Service” in VAS section) or No. 1 Hotline 1000.
-        Upon successful application, you will be able to login to Wi-Fi service in specified overseas hotspot locations with local internet account username and password.


Travel Tips:

Setting up “Wi-Fi Auto Connection” in CTM Buddy App, whenever its Wi-Fi function is enabled at Wi-Fi hotspots, your device can connect the Wi-Fi network automatically.


Reset Password:
(a) By calling our No.1 Hotline 1000.
(b) By Logging in "CTM eService" (Step: login "CTM eService"> Click "Manage My Services" > Select Service No. > Click "Current Subscription" > "Change Password").

Usage Check
Check usage by logging into "CTM eService” (Step: login CTM eService > Click “Manage My Services” > Select Service no. where broadband service located > Click “Check Usage”).

Roaming Data Access Barring Service
Should you wish to avoid the unnecessary roaming data charges that will have been incurred by these frequent updates, we highly recommend you to use for the “Roaming Data Access Barring Service”.
Roaming Data SMS Alert Service

No application is needed to enjoy these FREE alerts below:
- Roaming Data Charge Alert