4G+ Sharing Plan
Service Details

Once “4G+ Sharing Plan” subscribed successfully, the free entitlement (Data, Voice Airtime & SMS) of Primary Card can be shared with max. 4 Secondary Cards Primary & secondary cards can apply other Value-added Service separately.

Sharing Plan Tariff Price:

Each Secondary Card

Monthly Service ChargeMOP

Administration Fee


Sharing Fee


Total Service Charge


Application Method:

- All CTM shops


1. The Service is not available to package plans including ‟ Limited Speed; Unlimited Volume- 4G+ Basic Monthly Plan” and ‟Limited Speed; Unlimited Volume- 4G+ Data Monthly Plan ” .

2. The Value-added Services, Roaming Data Service and TVB Entertainment Service included under the Primary Card cannot be shared, but the Secondary Card can apply those Value-added Services separately.

3. Primary & Secondary Cards should be under same account and the bill-cycle date is same (including any Value-added Services of Secondary Card), and can apply a maximum of 4 Secondary Cards.

4. If customers submit the application of Sharing Plan before 18:00, the service will be effective on the same day at 23:59. If the application is submitted at/after 18:00, the service will be effective on next day.

5. When customer’s remaining local data usage reaches 500MB, 100MB, 500KB and 10KB left in current billing month, an automatic alert SMS will be sent. Once the remaining local data usage is consumed, local data / roaming data of the principal / secondary SIM will be barred. If required, the principal SIM can apply for local data package to unbar data and continue to use the data services. Local mobile data transmission speed is an international standard and the actual data transmission speed may vary due to certain circumstances such as the current internet environment, the computer hardware used, software(s) installed and used, the number of con-current users, the location, the speed of the website(s) or other factors. If customer used the total local data usage exceeds more than 20GB during the month, the plan will be changed to unlimited volume but limited speed. The data transmission speed ( upload and download ) will automatically be adjusted to not less than While roaming, the customer is required to pay for all related data service roaming charges based on the individual charges of the roaming network operators. When using FaceTime overseas, customers are required to pay for the relevant roaming charges.

6. Primary / Secondary Card will base on IDD standard rates to charge China & HK (00/01). After the free local airtime and SMS has been used up, thereafter charges will apply to the local extra charges of the Primary Card plan.

7. When Primary Card cancel the mobile service / charge operator / cancel the sharing plan service, or only the primary card is changed to another account, customer need to choose another card as the Primary Card No. or apply for another plan for the Secondary Card. If all the Secondary Cards have applied for another plan or changed to another account, the Primary Card will continue to retain the shared service plan until the customer requests cancellation.

8. If Primary Card customers suspend the Sharing Plan, the Primary and all Secondary Cards services will be suspended at the same time, and each card is required to settle a $30 service charge (per time) individually. Upon service suspension, the related mobile service will be suspended until the customers apply service re-activation at CTM shops. If the total suspension day is or less than 90 days, the related mobile service rental and its Value-added Services charge will also be suspended; but if it is over 90 days, the mobile service rental and its Value-added Services charge will be resumed.

9. When using CTM Greater China Wi-Fi service overseas, customers are required to select ‟China Mobile” as mobile service operator in Mainland China, ‟CSL” as mobile service operator in Hong Kong, and ‟Chunghwa Telecom” as mobile service operator in Taiwan. As ‟CTM-WIFI-AUTO” will connect to the hotspots automatically, please be reminded to turn off the Wi-Fi function of the device when it is not in use.

10. The services is based on CTM Acceptable Use Policy ‟AUP”.

11. Customers of the above promotions are bound by the respective service agreement.


12. CTM reserves the right to make the final decision in case of any dispute.