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4G+ Local Data Plan


4G+ SpeedyPlan#

4G+ “Online Everywhere in Macau” Plan^

4G+ Data Once-off Plan*



4G+ Speedy Plan# 


Plan 1 

Plan 2

Plan 3

Plan 4

Service Charge (MOP)





Local Mobile Data Usage




(Limited speed, Unlimited Volume

CTM & HK Wi-Fi Usage (Hours) 


"CTM Buddy" Local Voice Airtime (Minutes)'


Local Voice Airtime (Minutes)

480 / Minutes

Mobile Application Method





Mobile Cancellation Method


Enquire about your subscription plan & remaining usage


4G+ “Online Everywhere in Macau” Plan^


Service Charge (MOP)

$78 / 3 Days Plan

$188 / 7 Days Plan

Mobile Application Method



Data Once-off Plan*


Plan 1

Plan 2

Plan 3

Service Charge (MOP)




Local Mobile Data Usage




Mobile Application Method




Handset Settings (GRPS and MMS):



Settings à Cellular à Cellular Data Network à APN à Input "ctm-mobile"



Settings à Tethering & Networks / More à Mobile Network à APN / Access Point Names à Select CTM DATA / CTM / GPRS à Input "ctm-mobile"

Greater China CTM Wi-Fi:

CTM Wi-Fi now extends to Greater China. CTM 4G+ customers can enjoy over 4,000,000 Wi-Fi hotspots in Mainland China, HK, Macau and Taiwan for Free. Enjoy the Internet anytime, anywhere using CTM Wi-Fi.


Instructions & details about CTM Wi-Fi

Download CTM Buddy App for more CTM Wi-Fi functions


^The “Online Everywhere in Macau” plan will expire after 3 days / 7 days, and will not extend automatically. For service extension, please re-apply for the plan again, the charge is deducted instantly and it is limited to apply only once during the same period. Once the accumulated local data usage of a customer exceeds more than 2GB (3 days – 72 hours) / 4GB (7days – 168 hours), the data transmission speed (upload and download) will automatically be adjusted to not less than 256kbps.


*4G+ Data Once-off Plan is valid until your Prepaid Card expires.


#Upon successful registration, the service charge is deducted instantly. The usage expiry date is 30 days, service charge will be deducted automatically from the residual balance every 30 days.


- "CTM Buddy" refers to CTM Mobile Service postpaid / prepaid customers of voice calls that are made and sent between CTM Mobile Service customers.


- When traveling in Hong Kong,logon to CTM - WIFI - AUTO to enjoy Wi-Fi services in Hong Kong.



- Prepaid Card Value-added Service and Package Plan service Important Notes



- 4G Data Package Plan is not applicable to 3G Prepaid services.




- The service is based on the CTM Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).




- The offer and latest price of the Data Package Plan are subject to change without prior notice.




- CTM reserves the right to make the final decision in case of any dispute.