Corporate Social Responsibility


As a responsible corporate citizen in Macau, CTM has established a close relationship with the community. CTM sponsors and participates in many charitable activities every year. In addition, the company devotes to the developments of our young generation, also maintain healthy relationships with various social institutions. During the past years, CTM has been showing its enthusiasm in supporting and participating in various social activities, for the well being of the society and development of the territory.

"CTM Volunteer Team" was formed since March 2002 to encourage staff members to actively participate in community services at leisure; spreading their love and kindness to local communities through actions.

Throughout the years, CTM joined hands with different organizations to serve the needy and their actions were well recognized by the public. CTM remains fully committed to expanding co-operation with different community groups so that more needy will be benefitted.

CTM understands that a sound education system to nurture the youth is critical for the sustainable development of a society. In this regards, CTM utilizes resources to support all students and teachers in Macau, to enhance their knowledge, as well as learning efficiency, with the abundant information from the Internet.

In addition, CTM has established scholarship schemes with several local institutes of higher education, which includes University of Macau, Macau University of Science and Technology, Macau Polytechnic Institute, and etc., as an encouragement to the outstanding students for achieving academic excellence.