Performance Pledges

We are committed to providing customers with the highest possible levels of service quality and customer satisfaction. This performance target sets out the standard of service that we aim to deliver to customers. The actual performance will be measured and published on a quarterly basis



Q1 2024


Mobile Network Services Performance
1Network Coverage  
a3G Outdoor99.00%100.00%
b4G Outdoor  (LTE-FDD)99.00%100.00%
2Voice Quality  
aDrop Line< 1.00%0.10%
3Average Data Upload/ Download Speed  
a3G Upload Speed>1.5Mbps2.0Mbps
b3G Download Speed>3Mbps9.6Mbps
c4G Upload Speed>7Mbps46.9Mbps
d4G Download Speed>15Mbps164.9Mbps
4Network Reliability  
aBase Station>99%99.95%
bMobile Core Network>99.99%100%
Internet Network Services Performance
5Internet network reliability  
aCore network equipment availability99.99%100.00%
bAccess network equipment availability99.95%100.00%
6Average download / upload speeds on the local Internet Not less than 80% of the speed offered by service plan  
aHome Internet Service Plans 150M
(150M / 150M)
 >80% 100.00%
bHome Internet Service Plans 300M
(300M / 300M)
 >80% 100.00%
cHome Internet Service Plans 600M
(600M / 600M)
 >80%  100.00%
dHome Internet Service Plans 1G
(1G / 1G)
 >80% 100.00%
7Network Latency 4.66 ms 4.64 ms 4.11 ms
d 1.03 ms 2.19 ms 5.41 ms 1.39 ms 5.54 ms 4.83 ms 1.01 ms
8Average download time 192.00 ms 387.70 ms 373.13 ms 385.34 ms 55.60 ms 369.72 ms 378.73 ms 663.57 ms 383.04 ms 277.04 ms
Customer Services Performance
9Bill Complaint Handling

95% cases will be processed

within 5 working days

10Service Quality Complaint Handling

95% cases will be processed

within 5 working days

11Hotline Enquiry Answered Rate 90%99.5%



1. This service pledge does not apply to the period of unexpected incidents (e.g. system outage and typhoon) or during the launch of large-scale campaigns.  
2. General complaints do not include scenarios where the relevant customer is not reachable or when the information and/or supporting documents provided by the customer are insufficient to carry out trouble-shooting and testing. General complaints also do not include cases which require on-site testing or joint testing with other service providers or contractors be carried out.  
3. The actual service performance is measured during busy hours at major public areas in Macao.   
4. The actual measurements are dependent on many factors and targets / pledges may not be achieved, including but not limited to network configuration, coverage, traffic conditions, user device and location, and conditions of external application servers.  
5. Possible factors causing a difference of speed test result;  
     - Amount of traffic on the shared Internet during the test period;  
     -  Processing speeds and capacity of servers and routers hosting the speed test application;  
     -  Operating system, web browser and version of Flash Player on the device;  
     - System configurations of the device, including type of CPU, amount of RAM, speed of hard disk drive;   
     - Performance of the broadband router the device is connected to;  
     - Actual capacity of the traffic may subject to the cost of Data Transmission Protocol or any other factors.  
6. Speed test is carried out from an Ethernet cable on your broadband modem to CTM Internet Exchange Center (namely local connection)  
7. Network latency means the round-trip delay time when ICMP reply request generated from the computer and obtained from the target server. The website selected for Network Latency test is for reference only.   
8. This service pledge does not apply to: (a) any of the scheduled service suspension; (b) any of unexpected incidents of the system; (c) any incident incurred in relation to any force majeure events including disaster, war, storm, adverse weather condition, fire, explosion, or any technical problem beyond the control of CTM.