CTM hosted “Seminar of the Latest Network Security Solutions” — Protection of Digital Assets



With the joint effort of stakeholders and CTM, combining the advantages brought by 5G+ Cloud and Network integration, various sectors in Macau are accelerating the development pace of digital transformation, which facilitate the popularization of IoT applications, resulting that the demand of higher level of network and cybersecurity is increasing.  Playing the role as Macau’s Network Goal Keeper, CTM hosted “Seminar of the Latest Network Security Solutions” — Protection of Digital Assets, invited representatives from the Judiciary Police and CTM, experts in network security area, jointly exchanged views on the latest development trend of network security management in Macau, as well as challenges and protection measures, as to facilitate various sectors to build up an all-round and reliable network security barrier.


The Seminar was held today (Sep 25) afternoon at the Galaxy International Convention Centre (Hall A). Ms. Ebel Cham, Vice President of Commercial, CTM said that, it was honoured to have such great supports from the Macau Judiciary Police and various collaboration partners towards this event. Since the launched of CTM 5G last year, with the leading smart city infrastructure of the “3 Networks-4 Centres-1 Platform”, CTM joined hands with various sectors to further promote the development of smart transformation in Macau, many of organizations and enterprises utilize solutions that based on 5G+Cloud Network Integration and IoT to develop smart transformation, while network security plays an important role.


Ms. Ebel Cham said, serve as the Network Goal Keeper in Macau, CTM always attaches great importance to network and data security, hence consistently invests resources to establish the “SOC2 Cybersecurity Operation Centre” to build a barrier for overall network infrastructure in Macau. In terms of actual experience on building self-network security protection, numbers of local enterprises were lacking of corresponding awareness, or limited by human resources or equipment, resulting in unable to establish a high standard network security system, which may cause immeasurable loss once encountered cyber attacked, data leakage or being blackmailed. In order to enabling various sectors to gain comprehensive and latest information and solutions on network security protection, CTM hosted the “Network Security Seminar Series”, invited representatives from the Macau Judiciary Police and cybersecurity industry to jointly share insights on the development trend of network security management, challenges and corresponding protection measures in Macau, hoping to further reinforce the network security barrier for Macau.


The seminar included six topics, “Current Status, Challenges, and Outlook of Macau’s Network Security Governance”, “Analysis of Real Offensive and Defensive Tactics”, “How Security Operation Tasks Leverage Automation Tools” ,“Ransomware is More Dangerous Than You Think ”, “Add the Latest Line of Defense and Transfer the Risk for Network Assets” and “Device Security Strategies in Digital Transformation”, shared by  Mr. Ho Weng Kin, Head of Cyber Security Division of Macau Judiciary Police, Mr. Ping Wu, Cybersecurity Attack-Defense Consultant of NSFOCUS Technologies Group Co., Ltd, Mr. Wing Leung So, Regional Manager of Automated Systems Holdings Limited,  Mr. George Wong, Regional Business Development Manager and Ms. Yan Hung, Sales manager of BLACKPANDA, Mr. Jack Kou, Chief Network Security Advisor (Hong Kong and Macau) of Qi-Anxin, Mr. Wise Wong, Head of Enterprise Business of SAMSUNG Electronics H.K. Co., Ltd and Mr. Eric Ng, Director of Business Service and Development of CTM.


In order to enable participating enterprises and organizations to grasp its current network security status, CTM offered a free network security scanning experience for the participants. CTM is committed to spare no effort to ensure the safety of the telecom network in Macau.