CTM Customer how to login Wi-Fi in CTM Wi-Fi Hotspot


1.   Select “Setting” and enable Wi-Fi, then select “CTM WI-FI” as the Wi-Fi connection.

2.  Landing page will be popped out once you selected CTM-WIFI network, enter your own user ID and password to login, then you can enjoy the CTM Wi-Fi service.



How do I retrieve a password?

Internet Customer - You can login and connect to the CTM Wi-Fi service by using your Internet account.  If you forget your password, simply get a new password via CTM Buddy app; or log-in ctm.net to change your password.

- Mobile Customers - You can login and connect to the CTM Wi-Fi service by using your mobile phone number and get your password via CTM Buddy app.



Download CTM buddy mobile app to search for all CTM Wi-Fi hotspot information!




Mobile User Auto Setting




1. Download the “CTM Wi-Fi SIM” Profile from the link: HERE or scan the QR Code;


2Install the “CTM Wi-Fi SIM” Profile;

3. Then press “Install” again at the “Warning” screen;

4. After that, “CTM-WIFI-AUTO” will be connected successfully.




1. Enable Wi-Fi and select “CTM-WIFI-AUTO”;

2. Select “SIM” at “EAP Method” and press “Connect”;

3. After that, “CTM-WIFI-AUTO” will be connected successfully.



1. This Mobile User Auto Login Method is applied for No.1 Mobile Broadband customer or device which supported SIM card only.

2. Wi-Fi Only Tablets and Internet customer please refer to the Wi-Fi Auto Set Up at Internet Auto Connect.

3. If your iOS device cannot connect properly, please remove the “CTM-WIFI-AUTO” profile (step: Go to “Settings” > “General” > “Profile”) and try again.



Internet User Auto Setting (Applicable to all devices)


1. Open CTM Buddy App and select “Wi-Fi services”


2. Select “Wi-Fi AUTO connection setting” ;

3. Insert your Username and Password (For iOS user, please select “install” at Install Profile);

4. You may enjoy the Wi-Fi service after finishing all the steps.