Prepaid Card e-Top up Channels


You can reload the CTM Prepaid Card through below e-Top up channels


CTM Buddy App


Reload your Prepaid Card via CTM Buddy App, simply provide valid Prepaid Card Mobile No. and payment channels (like credit card, Wechat pay, Alipay) to reload. So easy and convenient!


CTM WeChat Official Account


Reload your Prepaid Card via CTM WeChat official account (CTM-MACAU), so easy and convenient.


CTM online Reload


Reload your Prepaid Card via CTM website. It's not requested any registration of eServices account, reload becomes so easy and convenient.


CTM shop e-Top up 


Visit any CTM shop or Authorized Card Agent, the shop representative can reload the CTM Prepaid Card for you conveniently! Reload amount includes $50、$100、$200、$300、 $400 and $500.




Bank of China


-“Instant Deposit” / “BOC Express” of Bank of China 
Reload via 24-hour “Instant Deposit” / “BOC Express” machine from Bank of China (Macau) with $100 or $500 cash note(s). 


-“e-Banking Services” of Bank of China
Bank of China (Macau) customers can reload their CTM Prepaid Card via “BOC Online Banking (Personal Services)” and “Service Hotline888 95566. $100 will be reloaded onto the card each time and can only reload at a maximum of $2,000. The amount will be charged from customer’s designated Bank of China (Macau) account.



-The Customer may early terminate the contract for non-commercial mobile phone services registered in private name and applied via CTM telemarketing center, service hotline or online channel within seven (7) days from the date of the execution of contract. 
-The Customer shall apply in writing for termination of the contract within the above period, and shall be responsible for the expenses incurred in connection with refund or return of products.
-CTM will provide services after the end of the above-mentioned period. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Customer may request in writing for the provision of the services during the above-mentioned period. Under this circumstance and if the Customer applies for early termination of the contract during the above-mentioned period, he/she shall pay the fee for the services already provided by CTM at the time of notice of early termination of the contract on a pro-rate basis. 
-If the scope of contract includes the provision of product(s), the period of exercising the right of early termination of contract shall be calculated from the date that the Customer obtains the product(s). The Customer shall return the product(s) to CTM in the event of early termination of the contract within such period. Notwithstanding, where the product(s) have already been unpacked or cannot be returned for other reasons, CTM may forfeit the deposit of the relevant product(s) (if any) and/or the Customer shall pay a penalty in connection therewith.

- All prices are in MOP.