Nowadays, with the worldwide growth of the number of devices, like smartphone, tablet or computer, with Internet access function that need an IP address for authentication, it is predicted that IPv4 will run out of resource in the coming years. To deal with this problem, a new protocol was developed. IPv6 is the latest Internet address protocol that has been developed to supplement (and eventually replace) IPv4, the version that underpins the Internet today. Besides the increase of addressing capacity, IPv6 protocol was also developed to be more efficient in terms of communication, which should enhance users experience while browsing websites. As part of the continuous modernization of the network, CTM Fiber Broadband service already supports the new IPv6, to enhance customers’ experience.


Q1: What is IPv6?
IPv6 is the new Internet Protocol being developed to overcome the limitations of the IPv4 (IPv4 Exhaustion). IPv4 is the most common protocol currently used in Macau and worldwide when subscribers access to internet.
Q2: Is IPv6 already applied to other countries?
Yes, IPv6 is being applied mainly in other countries like Europe and United States.
Q3: What are the benefits of IPv6?
The major internet contents players like Google and Facebook have already applied IPv6 in their webpage to enhance user’s experience when accessing their contents.

Q4: How can I know whether IPv6 is already properly set up in my internet device?

You can conduct an IPv6 online test here to check the results.


Q5: How can I apply IPv6 service at CTM?

Please dial “No.1 Hotline: 1000” for service application.