Wi-Fi Butler Service : providing free one-stop on-site service deal with home network


Wi-Fi Butler Service

Provides You the One-stop Home Internet Service 




Apply Fiber Broadband Service 

To get 24 months Wi-Fi Bulter Service  ^

+ $10 / month for extra router

Enjoy a wider network coverage and better online experience  











Tips for Smooth Online Surfing


Use two or more routers for smooth experience than ever

Locate router in more central location at home

Avoid thick wall, fish tank, metal electric appliances etc.

Minimize dead end corner

Wider Wi-Fi coverage, better the signal

Scheduled re-start for smoother network 



^ New apply Wi-Fi butler can enjoy $0 discount on Fiber broadband customers. After the offer period (24 months), the original monthly fee ($48 / month) will be charged if customers continue to use this service.

◆ Apply Wi-Fi Butler Service can subscribe additional Wi-Fi Extender to cater the actual environment, each Wi-Fi Extender is $10 / month.  The relevant leasing equipment should be returned at the same time when the customer terminates the Wi-Fi Butler Service.  If the equipment could not be returned or found damage, customer shall compensate $500 - $1,000 per modem ( depends on its model ) ; if it is a 2-in-1 Router with modem function, customer shall compensate $1,000 per modem.

@ Suitable for HUAWEI HS8245W 2 in 1 router, HUAWEI WA8021V5 router, HUAWEI WA8011Y router and HUAWEI K562e/K562 router.


- All prices are in MOP. The offer is bound by the related terms and conditions