Mobile Data Management


“Local Data Usage Auto Alert Service” 


It's free, no application required and easily manages your data service!

When your available local data usage remains 1GMB, 500MB and 50MB left in current billing month, an alert SMS notification will be sent to remind you of the data usage status in order to avoid unexpected data service charges!


The following table summarize the data usage of the common activities, can be taken as an indication:



Data be used

E-mail (wordings only)

10KB / mail

Upload / Download photo

3MB / photo

Surfing webpage


Download music

7MB / song

Online music streaming

60MB / hour

Online TV / movie streaming

250MB / hour




- The“Local Data Usage Auto Alert Service” is automatically applicable to mobile service monthly subscribers who have available free

data usage.

- The service is not applicable to all customers of Unlimited Mobile Data Plan customers.

- If customers applied any change in the mobile service plan, subscribed / cancelled additional mobile broadband data package or

changed bill cycle date etc. that cause the total local data free entitlement changed, customers may receive various SMS notifications

according to the above tiers.

- The receiving of SMS alert / SMS notification / SMS confirmation may delay due to network condition. The content of the SMS is for

reference only, in case there is any discrepancy, the latest records of CTM shall prevail.

- The above services are based on CTM Acceptable Use Policy “AUP”.




 Local Data Usage Auto-Suspension Service”


“Local Data Usage Auto-Suspension Service” is a data barring control service. Once the service is activated and when your free local data entitlement has been all consumed, a SMS will be sent to alert you that you have used up the free data usage.  The data capacity is then capped in order to avoid excess data usage service charge.


Data Usage Value-added Service

Dial #321# for plan subscription through “CTM Service Menu”



- The service is not applicable to all of the "No.1 Mobile Broadband (in time)" and "No.1 Mobile Broadband (in volume)" unlimited plan subscribers.

- When all the free local data entitlement is consumed, the data will be barred by the captioned "Local Data Usage Auto-Suspension Service"

- When dialing #129*4# to apply for "Data Unbarring", the mobile data barring service will be canceled temporarily, the extra data charge is $0.000244 per KB, valid until the bill cut-off date.

- The above services are based on CTM Acceptable Use Policy “AUP”.

- All prices are in MOP.