Express Reader

1.This service supports Chinese only.

2.Customers apply the Express Reader Package Service from now on until 31/1/2022 can enjoy free 3 Months Service Fee Offer. After offer period, the related service charge will be applied if customers continue to use this service.

3.Only registered CTM mobile postpaid 4G+ customers are eligible to subscribe the Express Reader Package Service.

4.Mobile Data will be consumed while you are using and download this service. When you are roaming and download or use this Express Reader Package Service by roaming mobile data, an additional roaming data usage will be charged base on the charging scheme of the selected roaming network operators. Therefore, customers are recommended to use Wi-Fi in order to avoid excessive usage of mobile data.

5.The content of Express Reader Package Service is provided by third parties. CTM is not responsible or liable for the quality, nature, accuracy or usefulness of the content.

6.Access to and use of the Express Reader Package Service requires a mobile phone and the “ExpressReader” App. Customer should download “Expressreader” App before subscribing Express Reader Package Service.

7.The Express Reader Package Service will be automatically terminated if you change the CTM Mobile Number, terminate your CTM Mobile Service, apply for suspending Mobile Service or didn’t pay the fee before bill period.

8.SMS alert / SMS notification / SMS confirmation may be delayed due to network condition. The content of the SMS is for reference only, in case there is any discrepancy, the latest records of CTM shall prevail.

9.Upon discovery of suspected fraud, deceptive, unlawful or improper use of the Express Reader Package Service CTM may, temporarily or permanently suspend, remove, discontinue or disable access to the Express Reader Package Service at any time and without notice.

10.By subscribing to the Express Reader Package Service, customers should agree to be bound by and compliant with Express Reader User Agreement available at Express Reader App.

11.The service is based on the CTM Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

12.Customers of the above promotions are bounded by the respective service agreement.

13.CTM reserves the right to make final decision in case of any dispute.

14.After the offer period, the respective value-added service monthly offer rental ($8) will be applied if the customer agrees to continue to use the service.

15. The Customer may early terminate the contract for non-commercial mobile phone services / Internet services registered in private name within seven (7) days from the date of the execution of contract.

16. The Customer shall apply in writing for termination of the contract within the above period, and shall be responsible for the expenses incurred in connection with refund or return of products.

17. CTM will provide services after the end of the above-mentioned period. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Customer may request in writing for the provision of the services during the above-mentioned period. Under this circumstance and if the Customer applies for early termination of the contract during the above-mentioned period, he/she shall pay the fee for the services already provided by CTM at the time of notice of early termination of the contract on a pro-rate basis.

18. If the scope of contract includes the provision of product(s), the period of exercising the right of early termination of contract shall be calculated from the date that the Customer obtains the product(s). The Customer shall return the product(s) to CTM in the event of early termination of the contract within such period. Notwithstanding, where the product(s) have already been unpacked or cannot be returned for other reasons, CTM may forfeit the deposit of the relevant product(s) (if any) and/or the Customer shall pay a penalty in connection therewith.

19. All prices are in MOP.