Residential IDD Calling Plan





Service Include

Monthly Service Charge (MOP)

Residential IDD Calling Plan 1

CLI, Call Forwarding or Conference Call & 25 min IDD*


Residential IDD Calling Plan 2

CLI, 55 min IDD* & Selection of Magic Line Service


* Destinations include Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, USA, Taiwan, Japan (fixed-line), Australia (fixed-line), UK (fixed-line) and New Zealand (fixed-line)



Terms & Conditions


- Additional calls will be charged according to "00", "050", "01" rates of IDD tariffs.
- 10% discount on the monthly usage charge of the top three called numbers are only applicable to solely under the additional IDD minutes made to the above destinations with prefix "00" or "01"
- All IDD calls will be charged accordingly in the monthly bill statement and any unused IDD minutes cannot be rolled-over to the following month
- Offer is not applicable to the IDD calls made by CTM Calling Card, OPAX, International Freecall or ISDN.
- These IDD Calling Plans cannot be combined with the existing "IDD Friends & Family Plan"
- CLI and Magic Line Service in the calling plans are only available to the same residential fixed line. Customers must register before using the calling plan.

-All prices are in MOP.