Terms & Conditions for the Fixed-line Service :


-       Customer is responsible to settle the monthly account balance on or before the payment due date. Should customer fail to settle the balance within the period, CTM reserves the right to suspend the telephone service and charge the amount owed with interest and any other cost incurred when legal action is taken.

-       Without permission of CTM, customer is prohibited to amend or remove the telephone service provided.

-       Customer is prohibited to change or move any indoor telephone line without notification to CTM. Customer should submit to CTM the application to proceed the construction and CTM will evaluate the technical feasibility.

-       After the start of the installation or the move of the telephone service, should customer request to cancel partly or whole of the construction, customer is liable to all the costs incurred.

-       Upon approval of the customer, CTM staff who possess proper identification document may enter the customer residence and examine or move the telephone line, fixture, material and part.

-       For any suspension of service caused by the construction of telephone service by CTM, CTM is not responsible for any compensation. Yet, CTM is responsible to complete the construction and resume the telephone service upon receipt of written or verbal notification from the customer of the suspension of service.

-       Upon application, customer is liable to all fees, including the International Direct Dialling (IDD) call.

-       Customer is responsible to protect the fixtures, telephone lines, material and parts provided by CTM for telephone services. All fixtures must be installed at indoor locations that can be monitored. Customer is responsible to compensate CTM the cost of the fixture or part when it was lost, stolen, destroyed or damaged. Fixture, material and parts shall remain the property of CTM.

-       Customer is liable to pay all the fees listed on the bill issued by CTM as approved by the government of Macau.

-       The data of facsimile customer will not be listed on the telephone directory, but listed on the telefax directory instead.

-       The CTM Facsimile Service shall not be used to send obscene, offensive, abusive message or any promotional message or chart without prior permission of the receiver.

-       Signatory and verification of Documents:

>      If the Customer is registered as a company, association or any other corporate entity, the Agreement is to be signed by the person entitled to bind such company, association or corporate entity under its by-laws, or by another duty authorized representative, with the respective stamp and provision of valid business registration certificate and/or valid power of attorney.

>      If the Customer is an individual, the Agreement is to be signed by him.

>      Signatories are required to produce valid identification documents.

>      Application must be submitted by a parent or guardian on behalf of applicants under 18 years of age.

>      Upon request from CTM, Customer shall provide all necessary documents to verify the truthfulness or correctness of the information furnished by the Customer.

>       All prices are in MOP.