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- This offer is valid until 31 / 3 / 2024.

- " RoamEasy ” is only applicable to selected countries / destinations.

- When 3-destinations Monthly Plan customer apply Roaming Data Package, the data usage used in Mainland China & Hong Kong will be counted into the related Share Data Usage in Monthly Plan, thus will not deduct the data usage in Roaming Data Package.

- The priority of deducting Roaming Data Package is : 1. “ RoamEasy ”  2. “ Auto Daily Charge Roaming Data Package ” 3. “ RoamBiz Monthly Plan ”.

- The priority of deducting RoamEasy is : first based on destinations 1. Asia & Oceania  2. Europe, America, Africa 3. Global , if the destinations are the same, the RoamEasy expired earlier will be deducted first.

- The effective time of this “RoamEasy (15-Day)” starts from the successful application time to Macau time 23:59:59 of the 15th day. When the service is ended, customers will receive a SMS alert, and the service will not extend automatically. Customer need to re-apply again if necessary.

All prices are in MOP. Customers are bound by the respective service agreement.