Fiber 360° - FAQ

Q: Why do you need Fiber 360°?

A: You may be facing multiple smart devices surfing the Internet from different places at the same time within your home, and when the numbers of smart home devices grow, the home network may become slower. With the use of Fiber 360°, your entire household can enjoy extended optical fiber into the room directly. This can ensure each room will be covered by more than 1 Gbps Wi-Fi network, and everyone can avoid slow speed or possible disconnection caused by multiple devices being used at the same time. Even having too many layers of walls located between the device and Wi-Fi, this concern will no longer become an issue anymore.


Q: Why do I need Fiber 360° if I already have Wi-Fi, network cable, and a power line networking at home?

A: Fiber 360° is the ultimate solution for the Internet. The optical fiber is durable for 30 years. It is moisture proof which more long-lasting than network cables. And having the network stability in the home is more reliable to ensure high speed internet.


Q: How do I install Fiber 360° for newly renovated or new home? Will it be difficult to install Fiber 360° in a renovated house?

A: The Fiber 360° installation is not complicated, and it can support the installation of concealed or open wire lines. If your home has a reserved location for a hidden wiring, the optic fiber can be installed through the concealed area, and there will be no exposed optic fiber line throughout the whole process to each room. If there is no concealed area, it can also be installed with transparent optical fiber with open wires. The flexible transparent optical fiber can be perfectly laid on baseboards, corners, etc., which will not be visible and interfere with the aesthetics of the renovated room.


Q: Which device placement solution should I choose in my home?

A: Fiber 360° can support multi-room units and duplex units. According to the needs of most families, you can place a HUAWEI Master router in the main living room, and the HUAWEI Slave router can be placed in other rooms according to your daily needs. If your home is a 3-bedroom unit, it is recommended to use 1 Main and 3 Slave router equipment solutions; if your home is larger or you have extra network needs, you can also purchase additional routers anytime. During installation, our CTM professional technicians will recommend the most suitable equipment placement scheme for you according to the home layout situation.


Q: Does the video slow down when walking between different rooms?

A: No. One of the characteristics of Fiber 360° Solution is the seamless and stable roaming between hotspots, which will keep the full signal on at all times and the video will remain smooth.


Q: When the speed of the fiber optic broadband plan needs to be upgraded in the future, do I need to replace the fiber optic network cable?

A: No, the optical fiber broadband can support network speeds in 10Gbps, 30Gbps or even 100Gbps or above, and can be used for 30 years to meet all the needs of future home broadband development.


Q: Is the management complicated for using so many devices at once with Fiber 360°?

A: You can download the CTM Wi-Fi Butler App (, which can help you manage your network devices, such as Wi-Fi quality evaluation, setting connection blacklist, parental control, and other important functions. This will allow you to easily manage your home network.


Q: I am an existing CTM Internet user, can I upgrade to Fiber 360° Solution?

A: Yes, the Fiber 360° Solution is applicable to existing customers without Product Bundling contract.


Q: How do I choose between the Fiber 360° Solution and Wi-Fi Butler Service?

A: Fiber 360° is suitable for users who have higher quality requirements for the network, such as a larger home that requires more stable and higher Wi-Fi coverage, smart home appliances and faster network feedback when playing games, experience 8K or VR entertainment streaming, etc. The Wi-Fi Butler can meet most of the daily network needs of customers.