GB Easy Transfer


Allows you to manage and transfer your data to friends and family easily at any time!

Service Highlights:

-    Share the data usage to friends at anytime
-    1 cost per transaction no matter how much you transfer



Charges and Expiration Date:


Charge (MOP)

Expiration Date

FREE service charge during offer periods
 (Original Service Charge: $5 per time)

Until the prepaid card expiry date



To transfer data, simply follow these steps:
1.    Visit CTM online platform Use CTM self-channels (e.g. CTM Buddy App, CTM WeChat Official  Account and
2.    Select “GB Easy Transfer” in “Prepaid Card”
3.    Enter the receiving Mobile No. and select the data usage for transfer
4.    Click “Agree to the Terms & Conditions” to complete the transfer
5.    After transfer successfully, both parties will receive a confirmation SMS



1.    How to apply for “GB Easy Transfer”?
Customers only need to complete the above steps to transfer data successfully.

2.   What are the conditions and restrictions for “GB Easy Transfer”?
Before transferring data, make sure you have enough data usage to transfer and both Mobile Nos. are in normal status.

3.    When will my family and friends receive the data I transfer?
When you transfer the data successfully, you and your family / friends will receive a confirmation SMS.

4.    How long is the extra data valid when received through “GB Easy Transfer” feature?
The transferred data is valid until the prepaid card expiry date.

5.    If my friends do not have any particular data plan, can they still receive and use the data I transfer to them?
Yes, they can.



Terms and Conditions: 
-    This service (data transfer and received) is only applicable to CTM Prepaid Card customers and not applicable to Social Unlimited Data Plan.
-    The data usage of “Data Usage without Expiry Date Plan” and Monthly auto-renewable data plan cannot be transferred together.
-    The system will deduct the data usage of “Data Usage Monthly Plan” first. However, when there is insufficient data usage, the data usage of Data Usage without Expiry Date Plan will be deducted.
-    When customers transfer the data successfully, the service charge will be deducted instantly. The transferred data will not be returned.
-    When transferring data, make sure both Mobile Nos. are in normal status and there is a balance in the Prepaid Card for system to process.
-    All the transferred and received data are for local data usage. 5G“Chill Card” customers are able to use the data in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau.
-    The customer who receives the data can use the transfer amount from the date of receipt until the prepaid card expiry date, and the remaining amount will be forfeited.
-    All transferred data will be consumed in the order based on the respective transferred / expiration date. 
-    The receiving of SMS alert/SMS notification/SMS confirmation may delay due to network condition. The content of the SMS is for reference only, in case there is any discrepancy, the latest records of CTM shall prevail.
-    The actual speed of data transfer will vary due to the current network conditions, computer hardware, software cooperation, the number of people sharing at the same time, location, the number of software used, the speed of the website and other factors. 
-    For all Prepaid Card service details, please refer to the “Prepaid Card Important Notes”.

-    Customers are bound by the respective service agreement.

-    This offer price is subject to change without prior notice.

-    All prices are in MOP.