Prepaid Card Important Notes

Prepaid Card Important Notes:

1. The balance and the remaining usage in the Prepaid Card will not be returned after the Prepaid Card expired.

2. As stipulated by the Macau Government, customers must present their original ID Card or valid Passport for registration upon purchasing the Prepaid Card.

3. A SMS alert will be sent to customers when the residual balance of the Prepaid Card is less than $30 or 1 day before the balance expiry date.

4. The mobile number is randomly generated by the system and cannot be changed by customers.

5. Prepaid Cards do not support collect call service.

6. Lost or stolen cards must be reported immediately to CTM No. 1 Hotline: 1000 for immediate cancellation.

7. If the Prepaid Card is lost or damaged, expires or becomes invalid for whatsoever reason, the card will not be replaced, the residual balance will not be refunded or transferred and the mobile number will not be retained by customer.

8. Customers are responsible and liable for the correct and lawful use of their Prepaid Card, the customer shall be solely responsible for any liability arising therefrom.

9. The service is based on CTM “Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) ” and the “Provision of Mobile Service”.

10. Base on the regulations, starting from 01/11/2021, each individual customer can register up to 10 pcs. prepaid cards, and each customer (excluding public entities) can register up to 25 pcs. prepaid cards. If the number of registrations exceed, registration will be barred.

11. The balance of prepaid card will not be refunded and transferred.

12. All prices are in MOP.

13. Pursuant to Administrative Regulation No. 15/2002 "Management and Assignment of Numbering Resources for Telecommunication", the principle of effective use of numbering resources allows for the return and re-assignment of numbers where the holder ceases to use the number. Customer acknowledges and agrees that if the assigned number has been registered with any third parties (including but not limited to websites, APPs), Customer shall be responsible to provide evidence to the relevant third parties. For this purpose CTM may, upon Customer’s request, issue a statement confirming the number assignment.

14. Pursuant to Administrative Regulation no. 15/2002 "Management and Assignment of Telecommunications Numbering Resources ", the principle of effective use of numbering resources requires the return and re-assignment whenever the holder ceases to use the number. For protection of personal data and privacy, Customer shall be responsible for updating the information concerning the number registered on third parties' digital platforms (including websites and mobile apps) before ceasing use of the number.

15. Customers are responsible for the proper and lawful use of the 1-Card-Multi-Number (Macau / Mainland China) service and are solely liable for any obligations, responsibility or damages or losses arising from the use of service, including but not limited to those arising from using 1-Card-Multi-Number service for application of any other services and/or APP.


Prepaid Card Reload Service Important Notes:

1. The value of reload card / voucher is MOP.

2. Prepaid Card expiry date will be extended upon the reload completed. Please refer to the expiry date information of that type of prepaid card for details.

3. We highly recommend you to keep the reload voucher until Prepaid Card received the SMS notification that the reloading has been completed successfully.

4. When any reload voucher is or is suspected of being used for any illegal activity or improper purpose, CTM shall have the right to terminate the right to use the reload voucher, all amounts involved will not be refunded and related information will be provided to the police for further investigation.

5. Each reload voucher can be reloaded for once within the valid date. For the expired reload voucher will not be refunded or replaced.

6. Electric reload voucher cannot be returned or exchanged once sold.

7. No reimbursement will be arranged for Electric reload voucher if that is lost or the reloading code on the voucher becomes faded or cannot be clearly displayed for any reason.

8. The Reload amount of Shared Reload Service will be charged to the CTM Mobile Postpaid Customers' monthly bill.

9. A confirmation SMS will be sent to both postpaid and prepaid customers upon any completion of a reload of Shared Reload Service.

10. The Shared Reload Service maximum reload value per day is $300 for each postpaid mobile number (includes the daily reload limit of Shared Reload Service via mobile phone).

11. The Shared Reload Service password is that last 4 digits of the postpaid customers' SIM card. If customer entered the wrong password for more than 10 times, the service will be locked immediately and the re-activation will only be resumed on the next day.



Prepaid Card Value-added Service and Package Plan service Important Notes:

1. Value-added Services & Data Package Plan are not applicable to non-activated Prepaid Card. You can simply to insert your Prepaid Card into the mobile phone, and it will be activated when your mobile phone making the first call, sending the first SMS or connecting to use mobile data service. After that, the Prepaid Card service will be activated and followed by a confirmation SMS with the mobile number, current balance and expiry date of the card.

2. Except the 4G+ Data Once-off Plans, customer can only apply one Data Package Plan upon the same period of time. Upon successful application, the service charge will be deducted instantly.

3. Except the "Online Everywhere in Macau" Plans / 4G+ Data Once-off Plans, when applied the other Value-added Services and Data Package Plans, service charge will be deducted automatically from the residual balance every 30 days.

4. If the residual balance of Prepaid Card is less than the service charge or its usage expiry date is overdue, the related Valued-added Services and Data Package Plans will be terminated automatically.

5. Customers can simply change or terminate their Value-added Services and Data Packag Plans via USSD Code.

6. If customers change the Data Package Plan, the existing Data Package Plan needs to be terminated first; the remaining free usage and service charge cannot be transferred and credited to the new Data Package Plan.

7. If customer terminate the Data Package Plan, the remaining free data usage or service charge will be terminated and refund is not allowed.

8. Aside from reloading service, any application of Data Package Plans or other Value-added Services will not extend the expiry date of your Prepaid Card, please check on your expiry date before application.

9. The service is based on CTM “Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) ” and the “Provision of Mobile Service”.