5G “3-destination” Plan



Unlimited data in 3 destinations: Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau. Convenience of online surfing anytime! 
With coverage across the whole of Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau, you have the advantage of multiple roaming network to support a high-quality, more stable and reliable roaming network. No matter you use it for high-speed online surfing, book a ride, food ordering, receiving SMS etc, all can be done easily!


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5G "3-destination" Plan:

Mainland China〡China Mobile·China Unicom   Hong Kong〡China Mobile HK·CSL·SmarTone HK   Macau〡CTM·CTM Wi-Fi

-  Share data, Voice and SMS in Mainland China, HK & Macau.
-  Additional data usage in Mainland China, HK & Macau is charged at just  $0.012695 / MB .
-  Charges for voice and international SMS in Mainland China, HK & Macau are calculated based on local usage rates.



Extra usage charges:


5G "3-destination" Plan


     Mobile Data Usage

$0.012695 / MB 

Applicable to Mainland China, HK & Macau 

     Voice Airtime

$0.25 / min.

Includes making and receiving mobile & fixed-line calls in Mainland China (China Mobile & China Unicom) , HK (CMHK & CSL & SmarTone HK) & Macau


$0.25 / SMS

Includes sending SMS to Mainland China (China Mobile & China Unicom) , HK ( CMHK & CSL & SmarTone HK) & Macau



Application Channel: 


1. www.ctm.net Online application

2. CTM stores.

3. No.1 hotline 1000.





Monthly Charge




Registration Fee - Waived for first time applicats

    3-destination Plan






- The activation time of this service is after 8pm the following day. Customers are required to select China Mobile HK, CSL, SmarTone HK as mobile service operator when they are traveling in Hong Kong, select China Mobile or China Unicom as mobile service operator when they are traveling in Mainland China.

-The "5G Upgrade Plan" is not applicable to 4G+ Unlimited Data Usage Plan Customers. With this service subscription, system will sent out SMS reminder automatically when the remaining data entitlement reaches 
2GB, 1GB and 100MB. After the data entitlement are consumed, another SMS reminder will be sent and the thereafter additional data consumption will be charged at $0.012695 / MB. The default increment is 1MB 
therefore customers will be charged 1MB even if they use less. A ceiling charge of $600 is applicable to local data thereafter charge only (except Data Package Plan monthly service charge, CTM Wi-Fi Usage & Roaming 
related data charges). When the ceiling charge is reached, the data access speed will be automatically adjusted to no less than 1Mbps. The local data usage of “Once-off Data Usage Plan” will be charged first, followed 
by the “EXTRA Monthly Data Usage Plan ” and finally the “ Basic Monthly Plan ”.

- International Call Forwarding charges will be applied to calls that are forwarded to other phone numbers within China Mainland or other international phone numbers. The rate of China Mainland (00) and International IDD will apply at global IDD rates. When making IDD calls, local airtime charges apply in addition to IDD charges. $1 is charged per international SMS sent; and $3 is charged per international MMS sent.

-The data of  “ 321 ” plans’ customer use in Mainland China ( select “ China Mobile ”or "China Unicom" ) and Hong Kong ( select "China Mobile HK", "CSL", "SmarTone HK") will be counted into the related Share Data plan, thus not applicable to any of the Roaming Package Service in the related area.

- This service is based on CTM Acceptable Use Policy “AUP”.

- All prices are in MOP.