Mobile Data Plan


#4G+Local Data Packages


4G+ Data Usage Value-added Service

4G+ 24 Hours Data Usage

4G+ Once-off Data Usage

Service Charge (MOP)




Free Local Data Usage




Valid date

24 Hours

until billing cut off date

until billing cut off date

Apply via handset






4G+ Speed Reset Service

4G+ 24 Hours Speed Reset Service

Service Charge (MOP)

$20 / 1GB

Valid date

24 Hours

Apply via handset




Application Method


1. CTM Buddy App

2. CTM Wechat Official Account


4. Online application

5. CTM Shops

6. No. 1 Hotline: 1000




*The application period for this offer is until Dec 31, 2020

- "Paid then Use" is a default feature for all 4G+ Monthly Plans, except 4G+ Unlimited Data Plan.

- The Local Data Usage billing sequence will be first consume the data of "4G+ 24 Hours Data Usage", "4G+ Once-off Data Usage", then the "4G+ Add on Local Data Packages" and followed by the “Basic Monthly Plan”.

- "4G+ Data Usage Value-added Service" is only applicable to 4G+ Local & 4G+ Greater Bay Monthly Plans.

- "4G+ 24 Hours Data Usage" is valid for 24 hours and the remaining data will be automatically terminated after the valid period.

- A confirmation SMS will be sent for successful application and cessation of "4G+ Data Usage Value-added Service".

- "4G+ 24 Hours Speed Reset Service" is only applicable to 4G+ Local Unlimited Data & 4G+ Greater Bay Unlimited Data monthly plans.

- If customer used the total local data usage exceeds more than 40GB / 80GB during the month, the plan will be changed to unlimited volume but limited speed. The data transmission speed (upload and download) will automatically be adjusted to not less than 256kbps until next cycle. The “4G+ 24 Hours Speed Reset Service" will be accumulated into 40GB / 80GB total local data usage, and the among of data usage will not be in limited speed, the remaining usage will be terminated when the service is ended.

- "4G+ 24 Hours Speed Reset Service" effective time is 24-hour, and only once application is allowed during the period. When data usage exceeds more than 1GB within the validity, then the data transmission speed (Upload & download) will switch back to the data speed of the 4G+ unlimited monthly rental plans. The actual data transmission speed may vary due to certain circumstances such as the current internet environment, the computer hardware used, software(s) installed and used, the number of concurrent users, the location, the speed of the website(s) and other factors.

- The "4G+ 24 Hours Speed Reset Service" will be automatically terminated if you change or terminate your CTM Mobile Service.

- A confirmation SMS will be sent for successful application and cessation of "4G+ 24 Hours Speed Reset Service".

- While roaming, customer is required to pay for all the related data service roaming charges based on the individual charges of the roaming network operators.

- The receiving of SMS alert / SMS notification / SMS confirmation may delay due to network condition. The content of the SMS is for reference only, in case there is any discrepancy, the latest records of CTM shall prevail.

When customers use the devices to using the mobile data services which is equivalent to the free data usage or residual balance are being consumed. Therefore, when querying the remaining data usage or balance, the displayed information will be different from the actual, and the data usage or balance in use are not included in the current query information.

- The service is based on the CTM Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) 

- CTM reserves the right to make the final decision in case of any dispute.