MangoTV Premium Package


Service Details:


MangoTV is the all-in-one integrated video content platform from China that produces widely welcomed / popular TV shows, hot drama series, animation and children contents. With its huge database of 100,000 hours stock of videos covering a wide variety of popular program types, TV shows, dramas, films, entertainment, etc.



Service Advantages:


- Self-production of hot TV shows and drama series on-shelf

- A super database with over 1,000 programs, 100,000 hours stock of videos

- Supports multi-language interface and content subtitle in traditional Chinese, English etc.

- Cross-platform VOD: each subscriber account supports access on smartphones, tablets and PC to enjoy exclusive, top quality, self-produced programs

- Each subscriber account can access from 2 devices for viewing the contents simultaneously

- can download to your devices for viewing without using mobile data





Offer Price: $18 / month  (Original price at: $32 / month) (Every 31 days counted as a month)




Application Channels:


1. CTM Buddy App

2. CTM Shops


(If application time is before 3pm during Mon to Fri, service will be effective after 6pm on the same day. If application time is after 3pm during Mon to Fri, or on Sat / Sun / Public Holiday, service will be effective on the next day after 6pm)



To activate the service:


1. Applying for the " STARtainment - MangoTV Premium Package " by the application channels mentioned above;

2. Download " MangoTV " App

3. Open " MangoTV " Global Mobile App and login :

Login Process: Press " Login ", input your registered Mobile No. that is used for applying the service and then click " Get Verification code ", after input the verification code, press " Login " to complete account login.




1. This service is restricted to only one subscription for each active Macau Mobile No.

2. Monthly service charge is for use of " MangoTV " VIP service for 31 days. " MangoTV " non-member users once apply for VIP will be granted VIP access and member benefits; existing " MangoTV Global " VIP members applying for the service, the respective member service will be extended for another 31 days.

3. This service is charged by monthly service fee in advance, pro-rata based on the billing date.

4. This service will consume / charge local mobile data usage when in use and downloading, customers will be charged and paid for additional roaming data usage charges by respective mobile network operation when used and downloading the service overseas. As such, to avoid such over usage of mobile data, customers are suggested to use the service on Wi-Fi network whenever possible.

5. All content of this service is provided by third party, CTM is not liable to the responsibility on any quality, nature, accuracy and practicability.

6. Customers are to check out device(s) is / are compatible using this service. For using this service, customers have to download “MangoTV” APP in advance.

7.  For customers terminating this service, the unused monthly service fee charged in advance will be refunded on a pro-rata base, according to the billing date. And the respective “STARtainment - MangoTV Premium Package” will be terminated at the same time. " STARtainment - MangoTV Premium Package " will also be terminated at the same time. " MangoTV " VIP membership will be terminated in accordance with the expiry date on the " MangoTV " App.

8. SMS alert, SMS notification, confirmation SMS sent may cause a delay due to telecom network situation, such SMS content is for reference only, all subject to the latest record of CTM.

9. If anyone is found or suspected to have fraudulently, deceived, unlawful or improperly use the service, CTM has the right to permanently or temporarily suspend such customer from use of the service or any part of the service.

10. Customers have to agree to the  " Privacy statement, General terms & Conditions of MangoTV  " before using the service; such Agreement is available on MangoTV website.

11.  CTM has the right to change any of the terms of use of this service without prior notice at any time, respective changes will be announced via its online webpage. For customers continue use of the service represents accepting such change(s).

12. Any title and wording in the content of MangoTV service does not represent CTM's position.

13. When the customer has subscribed to the " STARtainment - MangoTV Premium Package " service via CTM application channels, please do not subscribe to this service again via other channels.

14. This service is based on and subject to CTM Acceptable Use Policy  " AUP ".

15. CTM reserves the right to make the final decision in case of any dispute.