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Enjoy Home Media Contents via TV (Home Media Android TV Box), Mobile & Tablet (Mobile App) and PC & Laptop (Web Portal)!


Home Media provides you a central and convenient channel to view contents.  With Home Media Android TV Box (with Google Certificate and Chromecast built-in), you not only able to enjoy Home Media contents, you can also download your favorable apps^ via Google Play. 


Just download Home Media App from Google Play/Apple Store/Huawei Store to your mobile device.  Once login, you can enjoy free contents from Home Media plus all Home Media contents you subscribed with this single account.


Include the below channel:


Easeful Life 

“Easeful Life” is a free channel in Home Media, broadcasting marathon, non-stop relaxing TV programs. You can enjoy a series of idyllic and light videos including wildlife, cityscape, classic movies, music, city walk and food etc. The channel is updated every week, which aims at creating a precious slow time in your busy life.


Local Buzz

Local Buzz is a free channel between CTM and General Union of Neighbourhood Associations of Macau (UGAMM). It provides various information from UGAMM for Macau citizens to know more about the local news and latest hot topics.



Home Media’s “Sports” channel provides sports highlights and sports news.



Terms and Conditions

Pictures are for reference only.  Services are bound by the respective service agreement.

^ Apps are subject to availability on Google Play Store and will be removed without prior notice. The installation of certain applications may incur additional costs, which the customer shall be responsible for.


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