Magic Line


Magic line service has a group of special features, which enhances the usage of normal telephones.  It is one of the value-added services for basic telephone lines.  It offers customers with more than simple telephone voice communication and itself is in fact a software incorporated in the exchange. 


Features include:


1)  Call transfer to specified number
All incoming calls will be automatically transferred to another pre-specified telephone number that can reach you.


2)  Call transfer on busy
Have your calls transferred to your pager, mobile or any telephone number, when your line is busy.


3)  Call transfer on no reply
Forward your calls to your desired telephone numbers when nobody answers the telephone calls.


4)  Conference Call
With this feature you can invite up to three persons to join your call party at the same time. This eliminates the need to call back when you are making plans or seeking opinions from two other people.


5)  Call waiting
Alert you of an incoming call by a soft "beep" when you are engaged on the phone. This feature allows you to answer the other incoming call whilst placing on hold your original call.


6)  IDD code controlled barring
By placing a PIN code into your telephone, this feature provides you security and control over chargeable international and televoting calls


7)  Collect call barring
By subscribing this feature, you can stop any unauthorized people from receiving "collect calls" from your telephone.


8)  Abbreviated dialing
This feature stores your 20 most frequently used telephone numbers so that you can easily connect to your friends and family.

9) Alarm call
With the alarm call, you can preset a call alarm at a certain time to remind you of the time for meeting, the time you wake up or any occasions. If you do not pick up the call, it will ring again 5 minutes later. Then, the registration will be cancelled.


10) Hotline
Your telephone number will be automatically connected to a pre-programmed local telephone number 5 seconds after the handset has been lifted.



Typical Applications:


- Used by shops to bar access to outgoing IDD calls or collect calls from unattended telephone lines

- Busy people who needs to keep in touch

- People who demand more functions from their telephones




- Value-added services to enhance the functions of normal telephones
- Inexpensive


VAS Userguide:

Magic Line






Call Waiting



Flash 2 or Flash 1

- Call transfer to specified number
- Call Transfer on Busy
- Call Transfer on No Reply


*21*Tel. No.#
*67*Tel. No.#
*61*Tel. No.#





Code Controlled IDD Barring




Alarm Call





*53*Tel. No.#



Conference Call



Tel. No. 1 -> Flash -> Tel. No. 2 -> Flash 3 or Flash 2 or Flash 1

Abbreviated Dialing

*53*Tel. No.#



- Code: Abbreviated code starts from 10 to 29.
- HHMM: Specific hours and minutes (in 24-hour format) e.g. 08:10 a.m. = 0810 or 11:35 p.m. = 2335
MOP$10 (per month/per item)

- After an activation process, if there is a dial tone, then the service has been activated. However, should there be a busy tone, then the service has not been activated. If your telephone is not equipped with the Flash button, simply press the Receiver button and release quickly to perform the same function.


Terms & Conditions

-All prices are in MOP.