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5G 3-destination SIM Only Sharing Plan 

$288 / 30GB*

$368 / 60GB

$468 / 100GB

5G 3-destination Bundle Sharing Plan


$468 / 60GB

$568 / 100GB

3-destination Share Voice Airtime (Minute)




3-destination Share Monthly SMS









+ $38 / month to get a Secondary SIM & enjoy EXTRA 10GB data usage per month^

Can apply up to 4 Secondary SIM & enjoy maximum 40GB data usage in total



Mainland China / Hong Kong Mobile No. as low as $18 / Month 

1 Card Multi No. enables you to handle multiple services in 3 destinations more conveniently










Brings your family complete & comprehensive cyber security solutions

(Orignial Price : $38 / Month)







This is 5G 3-destination SIM Only Sharing Plan.

^ The offer period of Secondary SIM EXTRA FREE data is 24-month and is only applicable to the new apply Secondary SIM no. with  selected Sharing Plan. If customer ceases the Secondary SIM service, the EXTRA FREE data will be ceased at the same time.

* The offer is only applicable to customers applying for a new mobile connection / port-in / existing customers who are not currently bound by other mobile service contracts upgrade the rental. Should customers cease / downgrade the service within the last two ( 2 ) months from the date of this offer application, will not be eligible to enjoy any of the benefits on this offer.

 This offer is only applicable to new subscribers applying for the Mainland China / Hong Kong Mobile No. , customers can enjoy a special monthly rental of $18 for Mainland China Mobile No. for the first 12 months, and Hong Kong Mobile no. monthly rental is $28. After offer period, Mainland China Mobile No. will resume to its original monthly rental ($28) if customers agree to continue to use the service.

 This offer is only applicable to CTM Mobile Plan customers who newly subscribe Safety Butler service. The SIM Only Plan customers enjoy FREE 3 months, and the Bundle Plan cusotomers enjoy FREE 12 months. After offer period, the special service charge $19/month will be applied if customers continue to use this service.

▪  Subscribe 5G Mobile Plan, enjoy FREE 12-month TVB Anywhere App service ( Original Price : $38 / Month), and the service will be automatically terminated after the promotion period, if customers want to continue using the service, customers can apply at a special offer via CTM Buddy App. Customer with $250 or above monthly plan enjoy redemption price $99 to purchase the Home Media TV Box, and the TVB Anywhere will upgrade to big & small screen (App & Box) service (Original Price : $68 / Month), and related offer price $38 will be charged if customers continue to use the service after the promotion period. 5G Monthly Plan customers can also enjoy offer price $28 / month for hmvod Movie Premium Package Service with 12 movie vouchers  ( Original Price : $49 / Month) / Mango TV Deluxe Pack Service ( Original Price : $38 / Month)  / Blacknut Cloud Game Service ( Original Price : $98 / Month), and the related Offer Price ( hmvod / Mango TV : $38, Blacknut : $60) will be charged if customers continue to use the service after the first 12 months.




- This offer is valid until 31 / 7 / 2024.

- The offer is only applicable to customers applying for a new mobile connection or those who are not currently bounded by other mobile service contracts. Customers are required to sign a mobile service contract with a 24-month. The above offer price is based on the monthly plan selected by the customer, and the relevant mobile communication service contract must be signed. If customer suspends / terminates service, changes name or downgrades from the existing service plan within the contract period, the related deposit or waived amount will be charged automatically by proportion to customer’s mobile account, in addition, the related offer will be terminated immediately. After the promotion period, the monthly rental / value added service of the principal / secondary SIM will be charged with the respective original mobile service plan to the customer’s mobile account.

- Sharing Plan includes free usage in the principal SIM which can be shared with the secondary SIM. The shared usage includes free share data usage, share voice airtime, share SMS and local Wi-Fi usage. The value-added services, roaming data service and Home Media service included under the principal SIM cannot be shared, but the secondary SIM can apply those value-added services separately. If customers submit the application of Sharing Plan before 18:00, the service will be effective on the same day at 23:59. If the application is submitted at / after 18:00, the service will be effective on next day. If the Primary Card customers suspend the Sharing Plan, the Primary and all its Secondary Cards services will be suspended at the same time, and each card is required to settle a $30 service charge (per time) individually. Upon service suspension, the related mobile service will be suspended until the customers apply service re-activation at CTM shops. If the total suspension day is or less than 90 days, the related mobile service rental and its Value-added Service charge will also be suspended; but if it is over 90 days, the mobile service rental and its Value-added Service charge will be resumed. 

- The Sharing Plan is an integrated billing account which group the principal and the secondary SIM(s) into one billing account with the same billing date. Sharing Plan is required to have at least 1 secondary SIM active, and allow up to maximum 4 secondary SIM(s). Secondary SIM(s) will only be effective upon the principal SIM is being activated and successfully applied for the Sharing Plan. Once the principal SIM terminates the mobile service or change to other network operator or terminate Sharing Service, all secondary SIM(s) in use will be changed to $98 Basic Monthly Plan automatically. When secondary SIM(s) have applied for other service plan or changed to another main billing account, the principal SIM will remain under the Sharing Plan until customers request for service termination.

- For limited plan subscribers, with this service subscription, system will sent out SMS reminder automatically when the remaining data entitlement reaches 2GB, 1GB and 100MB. After the data entitlement are consumed, another SMS reminder will be sent and the thereafter additional data consumption will be charged at $0.012695 / MB. The default increment is 1MB therefore customers will be charged 1MB even if they use less. A ceiling charge of $600 is applicable to local data thereafter charge only (except Data Package Plan monthly service charge, CTM Wi-Fi Usage &  Roaming related data charges). When the ceiling charge is reached, the data access speed will be automatically adjusted to no less than 1Mbps. The local data usage of “Once-off Data Usage Plan” will be charged first, followed by the “EXTRA Monthly Data Usage Plan” and finally the “Basic Monthly Plan ”.

" RoamEasy ” is only applicable to selected countries / destinations.

-  The activation time of 3-destinations Plan is after 8pm the following day. Customers are required to select “China Mobile HK”, “CSL” or “SmarTone HK” as mobile service operator when they are traveling in Hong Kong, as well as select "China Mobile" or "China Unicom" as mobile service operator when roaming in Mainland China.

- The effective time of this “RoamEasy (15-Day)” starts from the successful application time to Macau time 23:59:59 of the 15th day. Customers are required to apply for the International Roaming Service in advance before applying for the “ RoamEasy . Customers are required to select specific roaming network operator in order to enjoy this roaming data offer (highly recommend customer to select the network “manually” at handset device); If customers have activated the “ Mobile Data Access Barring Service " or their data service is bar by the “ Local Data Usage Auto-Suspension Service , they can deactivate the barring to continue to enjoy the RoamEasy.

- When 3-destination Monthly Plan customer apply Roaming Data Package, the data usage used in Mainland China & Hong Kong will be counted into the related Share Data Usage in Monthly Plan, thus will not deduct the data usage in Roaming Data Package.

- The priority of deducting Roaming Data Package is : 1. “ RoamEasy ”  2. “ Auto Daily Charge Roaming Data Package ” 3. “ RoamBiz Monthly Plan ”.

- The priority of deducting RoamEasy  is : first based on destinations 1.  Asia & Oceania  2.  Europe, America, Africa  3.  Global , if the destinations are the same, the RoamEasy expired earlier will be deducted first.

- Customers of the above promotions are bound by the respective service agreement. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers. This offer price is subject to change without prior notice. All products and gifts are available while stock lasts.

- All prices are in MOP.

- The service is based on CTM Acceptable Use Policy "AUP".