Smartwatch eSIM 'One Number Sharing' service

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CTM launches the first Smartwatch eSIM Service in Macau. Let's connect technology with life.



Why should you use the Smartwatch eSIM Service?

It's convenient: Using your smartwatch with the Smartwatch eSIM Service, you can make / receive calls and send / receive SMS, stay connected and stream your favorite songs even without having your phone with you.


Keep you in touch with others outside: With the Smartwatch eSIM Service, you can easily stay online just by using your smartwatch, even when it’s inconvenient to use phones during work hours.



Service Introduction


'One Number Sharing' service: This is a value-added service that enables customers to use their smartwatches to connect to the network and share the same Mobile No. and monthly plan together with their phone.The smartwatch and the phones can make / receive calls, use local data and SMS independently without any distance limit, and the usage will be deducted conveniently from customers’ current phone plan.


Service Charges


"One Number Sharing" service:

Special Price$18 / month (Original Price: $25 / month)



Supported Smartwatch Models:


CTM Smartwatch eSIM Service Supported Smartwatch Models  (Hong Kong & Macau Versions)




Models (Hong Kong & Macau Versions)

Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular) (Series 3 and later models)

Apple Watch SE (GPS + Cellular)

Apple Watch Ultra (GPS + Cellular) and later models

Samsung Galaxy Watch (LTE)

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 (LTE)

Samsung Galaxy Watch3 (LTE) and later models

Supports Watch Operating System

Watch OS 8.6 or above models

Wear OS 3 or above update versions

Supports Handset Model

iPhone 6S or above models


Supports Handset Operating System

iOS 15.5 or above update versions

Android OS 12 or above update versions




If you want to learn more about the Apple Watch & Samsung Smartwatch, please visit the related official website.



Application Flow

Customers need to apply for the service through the eSIM smartwatch's official App.

Application flow of Apple Watch


Application flow of Samsung smartwatch




1. What is the Smartwatch eSIM Service?

The Smartwatch eSIM Service enables customers to make / receive calls and send / receive SMS, remain connected to the Internet and their contacts via smartwatch without bringing their phone with them.


2. Which models can use the Smartwatch eSIM Service?

Only specific models of smartwatch can use the eSIM service. Please visit the related official website for more details.
For Apple Watch:
For Samsung Smartwatch:


3. Can GPS versions smartwatches use the Smartwatch eSIM Service?

No, they cannot. If current customers want to use the Smartwatch eSIM Service, they will need to change and purchase a smartwatch with “GPS + Cellular” or “LTE” versions which will support the service.


4. How to check if the smartwatch supports the eSIM service?

For Apple Watch: Customers can check if there is a “Set up Mobile Data” in the official watch  App’s Settings by using the phone which is paired with the smartwatch.

For Samsung Smartwatch : Customers can check if there is a “Mobile Plan” in the official watch App’s Setting by using the phone which is paired with the smartwatch.


5. How to apply for the Smartwatch eSIM Service?

Customers can open the official watch App , click “ Mobile Data ”, click “ Add a New Plan ” and follow the instructions to apply. Customers can enjoy a  first month FREE trial of Smartwatch eSIM Service after they successfully apply for the service for the first time. After the FREE trial period is over, if customers continue to use the service, the original monthly fee of $18 will be charged.


6. Does the phone need to be connected to a network in order to apply for the Smartwatch eSIM Service?

Yes, it does. Please check to ensure it has successfully connected to the Internet via mobile data or Wi-Fi before applying for this service.


7. What should I do if there's no response after I have activated the eSIM service?

Please make sure that the phone Bluetooth successfully enabled, and has connected to the Internet via mobile data or Wi-Fi; if the service still can’t be activated, simply restart the phone or update the phone to the latest operating system version and try again.


8. How is the data usage calculated in the Smartwatch eSIM Service?

The usage will be calculated in customers’ current mobile plan which is used for applying eSIM service. The extra usage will be calculated according to the extra usage charge in the corresponding plan.


9.  If I bought an eSIM smartwatch without applying for the Smartwatch eSIM Service, can I still use the smartwatch  to connect the phone / send SMS as regular without bringing the phone out?

No, you cannot. Without the Smartwatch eSIM Service, the smartwatch can only use the functions that do not need network connection, e.g. check the time, etc. when away from the phone.


10. Does CTM eSIM service support overseas data roaming?

No, it does not. The Smartwatch eSIM Service does not support overseas data roaming.


11. If I have two phones, can they simultaneously be paired with one smartwatch and use one Smartwatch eSIM service?

No, they cannot. Each smartwatch can only be paired with one phone at a time. Moreover, each smartwatch can only use one mobile number to apply for the Smartwatch eSIM Service.


12. If I apply to change my Mobile No. after applying for the Smartwatch eSIM Service, will the service be affected?

This situation will not affect the Smartwatch eSIM Service.


13. How can I transfer the Smartwatch eSIM Service if I need to change my phone or smartwatch?

If you change your phone, as long as the same SIM card is used, the service will not be affected. Simply pair the smartwatch with the new phone and the Smartwatch eSIM Service will work as normal.  

If you change your smartwatch and your phone supports the change of service, the transfer can be initiated in the phone's official watch App. After the transfer is completed, the eSIM service will be automatically cancelled on the previously paired smartwatch. You can click here for the step of Apple watch transfer smartwatch eSIM service.


14.  What do I do if the smartwatch that has the Smartwatch eSIM service is lost / damaged?

If customers lose / damage their smartwatch, please visit CTM shops to cancel the eSIM service immediately.


15. Why can't my Samsung smartwatch send and receive messages when used independently?

Samsung smartwatches can send and receive messages when used independently only if they login the same Google account and Samsung account as on the paired phone. After login, please turn off the Bluetooth and turn on the mobile network on the smartwatch, you will then be able to send and receive messages via the smartwatch.


Notes :

1.  This service does not support usage outside of Macau.

2. After the first month FREE trial period, the respective value-added service monthly fee of $18 / month will be applied if the customers continue to use this service.

3.  Above service is not applicable for converting eSIM to physical SIM nor physical SIM to eSIM applications.

4.  If the service of an already paired smartwatch needs to be transferred to another smartwatch, please first check if the phone supports the change of service. If yes, the transfer can be initiated by following the instructions in the phone's respective watch App. After the transfer is completed, the Service will be automatically canceled on the previously paired eSIM smartwatch.

If not, please first visit CTM shops to cancel the service and re-apply for the service on the new smartwatch.

5. After applying for the Smartwatch eSIM “One Number Sharing” Service, the smartwatch and phone can use the same Mobile No. to make calls to one another; in this case, it will deduct 2 airtime usage

6. If the smartwatch has been lost or stolen / customers want to cancel the service, customers are required to visit CTM shops to cancel the service in person and re-apply for the service if they want to use it again.

7. The following actions will not affect the eSIM Service :

Change Mobile No.

Change smartwatch

“ Reset All Settings ” on the phone

8. The below actions will be treated as abandoning the SIM card and the service contract will remain valid:

Select the “ Remove CTM Plan ” on the phone;

Select " Erase Watch Content and Settings "on the phone;

Select " Remove all Data Plans " and etc. on the phone;

When customers apply for other wearable device services without cancelling the plan.

9. When the iPhone is not near the Apple Watch, this may result in the Apple Watch to only use iMessage to send or receive messages.

10. The actual data transmission speed may vary according to the network situation, hardware device capability, software in use, number of concurrent users, location, number of applications in use, speed of website response and other like cause(s).