TVB Anywhere


Service Details:


TVB Anywhere Deluxe Combo Service provides various Online Channels, over 10,000 hours of Hottest Programs, Asian Premium VOD Package includes the newest TVB, Korea, Japan, China Programs and entertainment Programs from various regions in Asia), Kids Premium VOD Package and Movie Package. You can watch your favorite programs and enjoy the Service at any time.





TVB Anywhere Deluxe Combo Package Service: Offer monthly rental $10 (Original price $68)



Application Method:


1. CTM Buddy App

2. CTM Shops



To Activate the Service:


1. Receive verification email with account name and password

2. Download TVB Anywhere APP

3. Input account name and password




1. After a 24 months offer period, the related service charge will be applied if customers continue to use this Service.
2. To log in and use TVB Entertainment Service on mobile, customers have to download TVB Anywhere App through, which has to be updated regularly.
3. Customers need to provide the email address for TVB Entertainment Service registration use. After registration have been done successfully, , the login account and password will be sent to your dedicated  email address, please login with your account and password to enjoy the Service.
4. Mobile Data will be consumed while you are using and download this Service.  If you download or use this Service by roaming mobile data when roaming, and additional roaming data usage will be charged base on the charging scheme of the selected roaming network operators.
5. If customers cease CTM mobile service, TVB Entertainment Service will be ended automatically.
6. After ceasing the TVB Entertainment Service, the related payment in advance will be returned proportionally.
7. Upon discovery of suspected fraud, deceptive, unlawful or improper use of the TVB Entertainment Service, CTM may temporarily or permanently suspend, remove, discontinue or disable access to the TVB Entertainment Service at any time and without notice.
8. CTM reserves the right to change above terms and conditions of service without notice, such changes will be given adequate publicity, e.g., by being posted at CTM’s relevant web pages. If you continue to use or access the Service will be deemed as acceptance of such changes.
9. Customers of the above promotions are bound by the respective service agreement. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers. This offer price is Subject to change without prior notice.
10. The service is based on CTM Acceptable Use Policy "AUP".
11. CTM reserves the right to make final decision in case of any dispute.