CTM x JOOX Music Service


Service Detail:


CTM x JOOX Music Service offers DATA-FREE music streaming services with thirty million songs. Now you can enjoy the music you love anytime, anywhere. In addition, CTM x JOOX Music Service provides the latest hot tracks and albums, plus the tailor-made song list, JOOX radio, music videos & JOOX videos. You can also share your favourite songs via WeChat and Facebook with your friends!



Key Functions:


1. Free Local Data Usage


CTM x JOOX provides free local data usage exclusively for our subscribers. Upon successful subscription, all local data streaming for “JOOX” is waived*.


2. Enjoy 4 Upgrade Services


-  Play on-demand

    With large music library, you can choose any songs to play at anytime.


-  Ad-FREE

    Enjoy music without any advertisements.


-  Offline Listening

    On“JOOX”, you can download songs anytime for offline listening.


-  High Quality Streaming

    Immerse yourself in CD quality sound songs.





 $38 / per month* (Original Price : $58 / per month)



Application Method:


1.  Apply NOW

2. CTM Buddy App

3.  CTM Shops




1. This term is applicable to “City Link” customers: mobile data consumed while you are using the “JOOX” music service in Hong Kong will not be waived. Once you have consumed all of the free mobile data included in your plan, additional mobile data will be calculated and charged in accordance with the local mobile data tariff.

2. The waived local mobile data usage is for downloading and listening to music on a trial basis within the “JOOX” App only. For mobile data used for viewing advertising video broadcast from within the ”JOOX” App, accessing or downloading content from other websites (such as advertising banners) and/or any other websites redirecting from the “JOOX” App, the related data usage will be deducted from your Service Plan.