Wi-Fi Butler

Wi-Fi Butler Service includes Wi-Fi router rental, installation and maintenance services.

+ $10 / month for extra router,Enjoy a wider network coverage and better online experience 

Provides You the One-stop Home Internet Service !!



Application Method:

Customer can apply for the service via the following channels:

 Via CTM Shop


Service Charge:                                                                                                                                         

Service Name

New Customer Discount

Original Monthly Service Charge

Wi-Fi Butler Service 

(First Router)

$0/ month

$48/ month

Extra Router


$10/ month

$15/ month


High Speed Residential Fiber Broadband Service

Routers Placement Locations and Suggestions

Router Installation Guidelines




Download Wi-Fi Butler App


 ^ Apply Wi-Fi Butler Service can subscribe additional Wi-Fi Extender to cater the actual environment. 

1.   This service is only applicable to customers who use the internet services.

2.   Customers are required to pay a deposit for related equipment (the deposit amount depends on its model).

3.   The relevant equipment should be returned at the same time when the customer terminates the Wi-Fi Butler Service.

       If the equipment could not be returned or found damage, customer shall compensate $500 - $1,000 per modem (depends on its model);

       if it is a 2-in-1 Router with modem function, customer shall compensate $1,000 per modem.

4.   All prices are in MOP. The offer is bound by the related terms and conditions.