Caller’s Line Identification


With Caller’s Line Identification(CLI) and a compatible CLI unit or telephone, you can know who’s calling before you answer the phone.  You can select the calls you want to answer to prioritize calls from friends and colleagues.  All calls received while you are out will be recorded allowing you to return calls at your convenience.






Typical Applications:


- People who want to know the incoming call numbers and record unanswered calls.





- Customers who purchase CLI unit or phone from CTM, they can be assured of its compatibility with CTM network.

- Enables the receiver to know who's calling before answering the phone.

- Prioritizes calls.

- Records all incoming calls; allows the customer to trace back the telephone numbers, calling date and time of the unanswered calls.
MOP$18 (per month)

Terms & Conditions

-All prices are in MOP.