hmvod Movie Premium Package


Service Detail:


CTM “hmvod Movie Premium Package ”enable users to enjoy European, American, Hong Kong, Asian films and television programs anytime and anywhere! It also provides the latest Hollywood, local and Asian high-definition movies, hmvod original dramas, children's animations, documentaries, concerts, etc., which are updated every week!



Service Advantages:


Personal Theatre

CTM’s mobile postpaid and internet customers who subscribed the “hmvod Movie Premium Package” can enjoy 2 new-released movies every month for 48 hours!


Watch Videos on different platform

One account can support different platforms and 2 devices can be used at the same time.


Service quality

Videos are shown with X-Spatial sound and subtitles that you are familiar with. All videos are copyrighted and the service is absolutely guaranteed!



Basic Monthly Offer

$38 / month (original price: $49 / month)

                     Customers are bound by the respective service agreement.

                     Offers cannot be used at the same time.

                     The above latest offer and price are subject to change without prior notice.

                     After the promotion period, the related service charge ($49) will be applied if customers continue to use this service.

                     All prices are in MOP.


Application Channels:

1. CTM Buddy App

3. Wechat Official Account


To Activate the Service:

1.      Enjoy the service in Home Media Box or App:

Home Media introduction

2.      Enjoy the service in Hmvod App or website



1. This Service is only applicable to CTM Mobile Service Plan customers and restricted to only one subscription for each active mobile number.

2. This service is paid online of instant payment. After the service is successfully activated, no refund will be made for any cancellation of this service in any form.

3. This Service will consume/charge local mobile data usage when in use and downloading, customers will be charged and paid for additional roaming data usage charges by respective mobile network operation when used and downloading the Service overseas. As such, to avoid such over usage of mobile data, customers are suggested to use the service on Wi-Fi network whenever possible.

4. All content of this Service is provided by third party, CTM is not liable to the responsibility on any quality, nature, accuracy and practicability.

5. Customers are to check out device(s) is/are compatible using this Service. For using this service, customers have to download “hmvod” APP in advance.

6. SMS alert, SMS notification, confirmation SMS sent may cause delay due to telecom network situation, such SMS content is for reference only, all subject to the latest record of CTM.

7. If anyone is found or suspected to have fraudulently, deceived, unlawful or improperly use of the Service, CTM has the right to permanently or temporarily suspend such customer from use of the Service or any part of the Service.

8. Customers have to agree the “Privacy statement, General terms & Conditions of  hmvod” before using the Service; such Agreement is available on hmvod website.

9. According to hmvod Service Terms, the movie voucher(s) awarded for free or being purchased, will be cleared at the end of each month and will not be accumulated (the definition at the end of each month is set by hmvod)

10. Any title and wording in the content of hmvod Service does not represent CTM's position.

11. This Service is based on and subject to CTM Acceptable Use Policy “AUP”.

12. The above promotion is bounded by the respective terms of the service agreement.

13. When customer has subscribed the hmvod Movie Premium Package Service via CTM application channels, please do not subscribe this service again via other channels.

14. After the service period, need to subscribe the service again if the customer want to continue to use the service.

15. All prices are in MOP.