Home Media Content Service – Mango TV Deluxe Pack Service


Service Details:


MangoTV is the all-in-one integrated video content platform from China that produces widely welcomed / popular TV shows, hot drama series, animation and children contents. With its huge database of 100,000 hours stock of videos covering a wide variety of popular program types, TV shows, dramas, films, entertainment, etc.



Service Advantages:


- Self-production of hot TV shows and drama series on-shelf

- A super database with over 1,000 programs, 100,000 hours stock of videos

- Supports multi-language interface and content subtitle in traditional Chinese, English etc.

- Cross-platform VOD: each subscriber account supports access on smartphones, tablets and PC to enjoy exclusive, top quality, self-produced programs

- Each subscriber account can access from 2 devices for viewing the contents simultaneously

- can download to your devices for viewing without using mobile data




Basic Offer


-              Customers are bound by the respective service agreement.

-              Offers cannot be used at the same time.

-              The above latest offer and price are subject to change without prior notice.

-              All prices are in MOP. 


Application Channels:


1. CTM Buddy App

2. CTM Shops

3. www.ctm.net

4. Wechat Official Account

5. CTH Home Media Box / App





To activate the service:


To Activate the Service:

1.       Enjoy the service in Home Media Box or App:

Home Media introduction

2.       Enjoy the service in MangoTV App or website:


Home Media Content Service – Mango TV Deluxe Pack Service Terms and Conditions:

1.              The customer shall use the “Home Media Content Service – Mango TV Deluxe Pack Service” (the “Mango TV Service”) in accordance with the “Mango TV Service” Terms and Conditions (the "Terms and Conditions"). Unless otherwise the customer has agreed to these Terms and Conditions, “Mango TV Service” shall not be used.

2.              These Terms and Conditions are applicable to customers of “City Link Plan (Mainland China, Macau & HK)” and “321 Plan”. When customer uses the “Mango TV Service” in Hong Kong and Mainland China, the data usage generated will be deducted from the free usage of the service plan. If the data usage exceeds the usage included in the service plan, the additional usage will be charged according to the local mobile data

3.              Each CTM mobile number or internet service account could only subscribe the “Mango TV Service” for once.  Customer who has subscribed the “hmvod Service” through CTM does not need to subscribe from other channels again.

4.              The “Mango TV Service” monthly charge includes 31 days MangoTV Global VIP membership service per month. Once applying for VIP membership, MangoTV non-member users will be granted VIP access and member benefits.  For existing MangoTV Global VIP members, once applying for the Service, the respective member service will be extended for 31 days.

5.              “Mango TV Service” shall be charged in advance on a monthly basis. If the commencement date of “Mango TV Service” falls on a day other than the first day or the service termination date falls on a day other than the last day of each month, the service fee will be charge by pro-rata based on the billing date. The service fee charged by CTM to customer will not be converted or transferred to any other services.

6.              Downloading and using the “Mango TV Service” will consume local mobile data usage. When customer uses and downloads the “Mango TV Service” while roaming, he/she shall pay the additional roaming data usage charged by respective mobile network operator. To avoid over usage of mobile data, customer is suggested to use the “Mango TV Service” on Wi-Fi network whenever possible.

7.              Unless otherwise agreed by CTM, the “Mango TV Service” is only provided to customer for personal and non-commercial use. The subscription, access or delivery of the “Mango TV Service” does not grant or transfer any commercial use rights in “Mango TV Service” or the content therein to customer.

8.              All contents of “Mango TV Service” are provided by third party. CTM is not liable to any quality, nature, accuracy, and utility of the “Mango TV Service”.

9.              Customer shall check whether his or her device(s) is / are compatible to use the “Mango TV Service”. For using the “Mango TV Service”, the customer shall download Mango TV application in advance. The application may need to be updated regularly or it may affect the use of the “Mango TV Service”.

10.          If the customer terminates or applies for suspension of the “Mango TV Service” or his/her CTM mobile / internet service is terminated due to failure of paying the fee within the requested period of time, the “Mango TV Service” will be terminated at the same time, and the unused service fee will be refunded on a pro-rata base according to the billing date.

11.          SMS alert, SMS notification, confirmation SMS may be delayed due to telecommunication network. The contents of the SMS are for reference only and shall be subjected to the latest records of CTM.

12.          If customer is found or suspected to have fraudulently, deceived, unlawful, or improperly use the “Mango TV Service”, CTM has the right to temporarily or permanently suspend, remove, discontinue, or disable access to “Mango TV Service” at any time and without prior notice.

13.          Customer agrees to be bound by CTM’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and Mango TV’s Privacy Statement and General Terms & Conditions for the use of the “Mango TV Service”. The agreement is available on Mango TV website (https://w.mgtv.com/).

14.          Neither the title nor wording in the content of the “Mango TV Service” represents CTM's position.

15.          The “Mango TV Service” contains proprietary information and materials (including but not limited to audio, video and software) owned by third parties, and is protected by applicable intellectual property laws, including to copyright. Customer agrees not to use such proprietary information or materials in any way whatsoever except for the use of “Mango TV Service” in compliance with these Terms and Conditions.

16.          CTM reserves the right to change the content in “Mango TV Service” to customer at any time without prior notice. CTM does not guarantee, represent, or warrant that the use of the “Mango TV Service” will be uninterrupted, reliable or error-free. “Mango TV Service” is provided on "current situation" and "existing" basis. CTM does not warrant, express or implied, including all implied warranties of commerciality, applicable for a particular purpose, rights, and non-infringement.

17.          For the purpose of providing the “Mango TV Service”, CTM will process and collect customer’s data, including but not limited personal data contained in customer's “Mango TV Service” account and his or her mobile number, in accordance with CTM's Privacy Policy and Personal Data Collection and Processing Statement. The customer acknowledges and agrees that for the use of “Mango TV Service”, CTM will provide the customer's data to third-party supplier(s), and when necessary and in strict compliance with applicable laws, especially the statutory requirements for cross-border transfer of personal data, process the customer's data in locations outside Macau.

18.          If the scope of contract includes the provision of product(s), the period of exercising the right of early termination of contract shall be calculated from the date that the Customer obtains the product(s). The Customer shall return the product(s) to CTM in the event of early termination of the contract within such period. Notwithstanding, where the product(s) have already been unpacked or cannot be returned for other reasons, CTM may forfeit the deposit of the relevant product(s) (if any) and/or the Customer shall pay a penalty in connection therewith.